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I haven't posted to this conversation because my main take-away is so small as to be probably lost in the conversation. I'm not going to weigh in on if it is a movement, I've got particular ideas about the economics of open data, but my real question, which gets lost in the above conversation, is WHAT DATA ARE WE TALKING ABOUT? I believe that government data is of three kinds: operational, administrative, and statistical. The open gov movement as I have experienced it almost completely disregards statistical data in favor of operational (snow plows) and administrative (staff salaries). There is as yet no substitute for the federal statistical system, gathering data on the polity at a fine-as-possible geography. Poverty rates, unemployment, population density, etc.- as yet the open gov data movement has ignored how these questions will be answered with data exhaust created from government operations and administrative activities. For the most part, the eco system of organizations that have worked with local non profits and in local settings to use and wedge out better data for understanding urban America has not been part of the open gov data movement, which is a loss.
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May 9, 2012