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Vluk Vluk
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The fact that so many British people have proven ignorance to the Islamic threat despite the terrorist attack in London 7/7 and the attack on Lee Rigby shows that there is a real need for the likes of Robert and Pamela to get into the UK so that once again the truth can be told. If you are opposed to their visit then you must also support these terrorist attacks and the death and maiming of all those innocent people.
Being a Christian is certainly about love and trying to have a dialogue with those who disagree with you. Christianity is NOT however about being a door mat which is what much of Europe is currently and becoming. Yes as Christians we should try and have dialogue with the Muslims, but the Muslims have proven over and over that they do not wish to have dialogue with us. They have shown that they want to dominate us and force us to summit to their ways. Remember Jesus Christ was very critical of the Pharisees for example he called them a "brood of vipers" which by todays Western standards would be considered as intolerance and politically incorrect. Jesus did not care about being politically correct, he cared about telling the truth. Those like Robert and Pamela are not hate-mongers. They are simply telling the truth. And the fact that they have not wavered despite so much vicious opposition tells me that they are true heroes. Unlike the wimps who are currently leading the West.
Sadly as long as Obama is in the White House the Syrian Christians will not get much if any help from the US and its puppet the UK.
Feminism is a big threat to the Western world. It claims to care about women's rights and yet goes silent when women in Muslim countries are raped, abused and murdered. Not to mention it aligns it self with Islam in the West standing in agreement with the rest of their liberal brethren that Muslims are oppress in the West. I have even heard some so called female feminists claiming that Islam is actually good for a woman. My conclusion is that feminists have and are selling out both women and the Western civilisation.
I have always enjoyed CNN. But lately it has become very pro islam. If CNN was providing a first class media service as they seem to think they are, then they would also highlight the oppressiveness of islam. We would hear how young Christian women are raped in Egypt, how young Christian men in Pakistan are brutally beaten up and how entire Christian villagers in Syria are slaughtered by Muslims and all because they are Christian. This Eltahawy woman says "I often compare the Muslim Brotherhood and their platform to the Christian fundamentalists in the U.S...." If this is true then why is our planet not being plagued by US Christian fundamentalists raping and slaughtering non-Christians? Clearly Eltahawy is the racist, the Nazi and the fascist in fact she is everything she accuses the Christian Fundamentalists of being.
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Jun 2, 2012