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I'm currently reading Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter by Tom Bissel. It's pretty great so far, and I really recommend it to anyone! Continue »
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Um, yeah. I'm exploding with pure joy over here in anticipation of Pendleton Ward's Adventure Time debut on Cartoon Network, premiering this April. If you haven't seen the original Adventure Time, I'd say it's about time *puts on sunglasses* you did (YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH). Horatio Caine puns aside, pixel artist Alex Campos... Continue »
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At its core, play, and by extension video games, is learning. Call it discovery or mastery but a good game introduces new ideas (teaches), leverages existing ones (reviews) and layers them to create unique challenges (tests). Teaching, at its core, is communicating. Verbosity is an academic sleeping pill. A game’s... Continue »