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^^^^ Here we go. Getting the popcorn and soda
Ray, I'm going to say this for the last time. Mosquitoes do not breed at the bottom of 33 thousand gallons of water. They breed on the surface. The total surface area of water stored on Hen Island is minute compared with tidal pools and other naturally occurring collections of water. Please stop the half-truths.
"The same can be said about the fact that there hasn't been a Volpe on Hen Island's board in over a year" @Ray Any comment ? Didn't think so. BTW, when you flush YOUR toilet, where does it go ?. Any comment? I didn't think so.
Opps: Power station that would provide the pumping power for the force main uphill to the City connection D) Costs associated with permitting the job I STRONGLY doubt you will respond to this because you can't because you have no numbers. It's all a big lie. Some years ago before your sorry self came to the island, there was an informal study on providing electrical service to the island. JUST THE COST OF THE CABLE, was well in excess of 2M dollars. Since the easement is at the north end off the north end of the island, the middle and south end would not be able to take advantage of said sewer line. This is your plan. Hook up the north end where you and your cronies have cottages and shut down the rest of the island. Right up your alley. Since you are so fond of deals, are you willing to front the money for this project and upon it's completion sell your cottage ? I didn't think so. I again call on you to stop your harassment of City officials and, for once, provide some REAL solutions with REAL numbers provided by a verifiable source.
@Ray This is not the first time you have mentioned the $200.00/figure for utilities to the island through the Greenhaven eeasement. Please show us the costs from a licensed engineer. Please provide total costs for: 1) Hooking the south end of the island (almost 1/2 mile from easement) to the sewer main. 2) Feasibility studies showing: A) Size and type of sewer main B) Location of said main C) Location of power station that would
Now I see why you live behind a gate on Anderson Hill Road in Purchase.
"Ray's complaint was not an attempt to violate Freedom of Speech, it was to stop the "Impersonation" of another....ILLEGAL! Whom ever that is, was using Ray's name exactly as he signs." @Jim I suggest you check the exact spelling of the "impersonators" last name in addition to his first name. BTW, I question Mr. Tartaglione's assertion of the illegality of impersonating someone on a discussion forum. Please show me the relevant statues pertaining to this. Also you make no mention of his threat of legal action and it IS there. Please re-read his post. Thanx
Toggle Commented Mar 2, 2012 on Mayor: Tartaglione Complaint is Over at
@Mister While I don't question the possibility of duplicate usernames, I DO question Mr. Tartaglione's attempt to stifle free speech on a private Internet site by threatening legal action against its administrator for allowing posts that he disapproves of. I do like the It's all Ray, all the time. @Mr. Sears The ball is in your court now. I think all your users need some sort of reassurance that IP addresses or usernames will NOT be revealed to Mr. Tartaglione.
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2012 on Mayor: Tartaglione Complaint is Over at
Addendum: And it was just a question of time before Mr. Tartaglione turned on and bit the hand that fed him. If you support banning Mr. Tartaglione from further postings here make sure you make your postion known. Now I'm gonna get the popcorn and peanuts and watch the fun begin.
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2012 on Mayor: Tartaglione Complaint is Over at
Dear Mr. Sears Mr. Tartaglione's post regarding police and legal actions with respect to posts on this site is extremely troubling if indeed you are requested to reveal IP addresses and names of posters just because some other site user did not like what was posted about them. The last time I looked, First Amendment rights extended to the Internet also. It's kind of ironic that a man who has spewed nothing but hate, lies and falsehoods now runs like a little child to his attorney and attempts to hide behind the cloak of the police. While I do not advocate violence to solve issues, I WILL maintain that it is my right to speak my mind in any fashion I so choose. If Mr. Sears dislikes what I'm posting on his site, it is his perogative to delete any of my posts and ban me from further postings. This is exactly what I propose. I propose that Mr. Sears ban Mr. Tartaglione from further posts on this site. His threats of legal action shake the foundation of free speech. I'm sure he would lose in a court of law but and you, Mr. Sears, would have to defend at substantial cost which has never seemed to be a problem for Mr. Tartaglione. This man, not a Rye resident, or a Rye taxpayer despite protestations to the contrary, has played some role in the downfall of a previous Mayor. Weather or not you voted for Steve Otis or you agreed with his political position his love for the City of Rye and it's people is unquestioned. Now he has his sights on the new Mayor and others in City Hall. Mr. Sears, your in the driver's seat now. You can choose to let Mr. Tartaglione threaten the very foundation of free speech in this country or you can tell him to go pound sand and ban further posts by him. It's your call. Do what's right for your residents. Let me repeat. While I have never advocated violence against Mr. Tartaglione or vandalism against any of his numerous toys, I will go to my grave fighting for the right to advocate same if I so choose.
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2012 on Mayor: Tartaglione Complaint is Over at
Ray. Let's get one thing straight right off the bat. Unless you own additional property other than your leasehold on Hen Island, you are NOT a taxpayer to the City of Rye. You own shares in a corporation that pays taxes to the City of Rye just like any other co-op owner. Best of luck with your vendetta. Actually, what I don't understand is why the taxpayers of Rye allow you, a non-resident and non-taxpayer, to assault their duly City government. Maybe one day they will wake up and send you on your way.
You're kidding, right Ray ?.
OK. Let's do away with the accusations and innuendo and see if I can understand this situation. Please correct me if I'm wrong on any point. You are advocating a sewer line that will traverse the waters between Hen Island and Greenhaven so as to run thru Hen Island's easement, yes? If so: 1) How would each dwelling on three separate "islands" connect to one line ? It would seem that the infrastructure required just to connect all the dwellings on the island to one trunk main would be absurdly expensive and the waste hasn't even left the island yet. 2) Since the easement runs uphill from the shore, my guess is that a force main would be required to pump the effluent into the existing City sewage system. A) How would that force main be powered since it would have to be on the island ? B) Who would pay for the installation of this main and subsequent maintenance ? 3) Whose responsibility is it to install such a system ? I suppose a Special Assessment District could be established that would bill the individual owners for the construction and ongoing maintenance of the installation. My guess is that even amortizing the cost over 30 years, it would be prohibitvley expensive. Ray, you've been out there long enough to know that NOTHING is easy there. I think what you are proposing is an engineering nightmare. Could it be done with unlimited funds, sure but who had unlimited funds other than you ? Again, if I'm wrong on any point, please correct me.
OK Ray. What is your solution ? For years we've seen vitriol and condemnation with no solutions offered. You've obviously done your homework so you must have proposals in mind. Let's hear them although somehow I'm not confident that anything other than the tired old trite will be forthcoming.
So, I guess the tidal pools have nothing to do with any mosquito infestation, correct? Now on to my other question. Do you have a solution to the propane storage issue ?
Ok, here we go again. 1) Mosquitoes DO NOT breed at the bottom of 1000 gal of water. They breed on the top surface area. Are you really trying to say that the combined surface area of all the water storage tanks plays a major role in mosquito infestation ? Please. 2) I will agree that propane storage on Hen Island could be better. What is YOUR solution ? Do you have one or are you just bitching for something to do ? I've got the popcorn and sodas. This should prove interesting.
Opps. Mr T. You're all talk and no action. BTW, the sewage pit you like to show as typical, HASN'T BEEN USED FOR 12 YEARS !!!. I find it hard to believe that sewage pits that have been abandoned are polluting. I have never met a more self-centered, antagonistic person with the most giant of egos. You are responsible for far more damage than you can possibly imagine but the real problem is that you just don't care about anyone except yourself and please don't feed everyone the line about the City not caring. Blah, blah,blah. Please do everyone a favor and crawl back under that rock that you crawled out from. What I find particularly interesting is that your two uber-rich buddies from Hen Island no longer come to your defense. Could it be that they too now think you're an idiot
Hey Ray - Instead for slining crap all over the place and blaming everyone why don't you, for once, come up with some CONSTRUCTIVE solutiuons for the issues facing the Long Island watershed. Oh that's right, you don'
Hey Jackie - Let's play out a scenario here just for laughs. Let's suppose that the City of Rye or some other government agency requires and enforces potable water to Hen Island. 1) How are you going to get it there? (There is an easement through Greenhaven) 2) Who is going to pay for it ? 3) How and who is going to maintain it ? 4) Will the line be buried below the frost line ? If so, how will that be accomplished ? 6) Will there be distributionb of said water to the individual cottages ? The real question here is who is going to pay for such engineering feat ? If all the owners are required to bear the cost of installation and maintainence, only the very well-to-do will be able to afford property on the Island hence Tartaglione,Barotz,Iodice will own the island because they will be the only ones who can afford it. This potable water thing is nothing more than a backdoor land grab by making it so expensive that no one other than the aforementioned few will be able to afford it. I have asked before in another post for Mr. Tartaglione to put forth some ideas on how to deal with the potable water issue. To date, I have received no response. Instead of complaining about the problem, why not put forth some answers
So Ray - What is your solution to the potable water issue ? Hopefully you have a cost-effective way to bring the Island into compliance instead of just bitching about it. What is your solution ?
One more thing. My first post on this forum dealt with emminent domain. Some governmental agency (State, County, City) should condemn the whole damn Island, remove ALL structures and have the island become a passive recreational asset. If Tartaglione keeps up his antics, this just might happen. One thorn in the side of government removed.
opps - require a septic tank that must be pumped periodically to remove the solid waste . To the best of my knowledge, he has never had any septic tank pumped and the waste disposed of. This is just another one of the "Big Lies" that he tells. I can't remember who the poster was regarding his attempt at a land grab, but that poster is right on the money. No, he won't attempt a buyout, but he WILL force people off the island by making it absurdly expensive. The idea of a sewer and electrical line through Greenhaven has been kicked around before. Just the cost of underwater cable would be in the millions. Would every house on the island be required to hook up to the sewer line ? A force main would be needed to pump the effluent up the hill to a connection in Greenhaven. No problem. Get everyone to pay for it and force people off. This is a very dangerous man. Financial and human costs mean nothing to him. He would even bring himself down. Take it from someone who knows.
QD - I think you have it wrong. Ray DID NOT PUT IN SEPTIC OR LEACH FIELDS. He has no where to put them. His house is on a rock. Leach fields req
Ray - You had better be careful on whom you accuse of lying.
Hey Ray - You STILL have not answered my questions. 1) WHERE are the septic fields ? 2) Who installed them ? 3) Who pumps the septic tank and what is done with the waste? BTW, no one ever said that your seweage system is polluting the harbor. I guess they guilty flee when no one pursues.