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Corruption = economic power + political power, i.e. when wealth and power overlap. Keep wealth and power separate to reduce corruption without which you will keep on complaining. Find out more on Vote Sizing.
The problem with failing democracy is not the actors but the institutions that put the actors in place. Don't try to change people, instead change the institutions, and that is only possible, according to vote sizers, with VOTE SIZING democratic reform. Think about this: "The more you earn, the less your vote counts and vice versa". This is what we think should replace the "1-person 1-vote" model which is today not only oudated, but also paves the way for big money to take over the decision making.
Vote Sizing Institute believes the only thing that can save us from collapse is to reform our democratic institutions so that they once again give a real voice to the unrepresented majority. I think it's high time we start thinking on solutions rather than complaining and pointing fingers. The real problem here, according to Vote Sizing, is the "1-person 1-vote" model of democracy which is today outdated and counter productive. "The more you earn the less your vote counts and vice versa" is what we call Vote Sizing and should be our next democratic reform approach to replace the "1-person 1-vote" model.
Awafong Julius T Can't Anyone Hear You? Everyone is busy telling you that your voice matters... politicians, broadcasters, advertisers, teachers... but they're just talking at you. Here we promise to be different in ways you can really use - because we're going to take that voice of yours and give it the real political weight it needs to deal with the corrupting forces of tyranny, brutality, patronage, and greed wrecking havoc with our system today! If we want to survive with any kind of dignity, we must learn to share both our resources and our wisdom. This is the backbone of vote sizing. Join us at to make our world a better Place for all.