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Definitively too pricey...
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2012 on Merge Tumblr And Bandcamp With TumblrCamp at hypebot
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I don't think that I missed the point. I agree that it is interesting to have fans point of view but it has to be representative ones . Here we have the opinion of a presumptuously self-proclaimed voice of a generation. But she does not represent at all the average fan who is struggling to buy ,now over-priced, concert tickets. People say that file-sharing democratises culture and that live acts are more important than studio-albums (a last statement which I disagree with). But in the end it prevents ordinary folks to see live shows as attendance demography is more and more selected on money income, thus creating a sort a elitist fan class. Again I am not saying that cheap or free concerts are dead though in this segment we could also find a purists base and there would be a lot of things to say about it... If we consider NIN-Ghosts I–IV album case she doesn't fit in the 75$ box-segment she is in the 300$ deluxe edition one. And this package was only published at 2500 units which is somehow irrelevant to the average artist. Yes I know she doesn't buy albums any more, but people that would pay that much represent a minority in the minority of people actually willing to pay for music. How can she believes that she represents a generation ? Plus if I understand correctly she has just written a blog post on a campus webzine and nothing more. Apparently this deserves an interview these days . And I must also add that every musicians are fans themselves and that we all started as fans...
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Every sane person should oppose islamisation of Europe, we have been way too more tolerant in Reunion Island as the number of muslims is rising in France they are getting more and more confident. Just came back after 10 years in Europe and in one day I have seen more burkas than in 18 years of my youth I have spent there ... I fully support anyone who will oppose sharia and ritual slaughter as well as burkas, the truth is that only the EDL is doing something in the UK and UAF are just a bunch of fascist anti-fascists ...
Freedom of speech and secularism is not negotiable, they should be arrested for death threats ! If they hate our societies the door is open, they can leave !!! From France !
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Posted Feb 11, 2010 at Vonbrucken's blog
I think Myspace evolution in the year 2010 will be interesting to watch ...
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Nov 29, 2009