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If you think the process for isolating genes is closer to carving than it is to cutting, we will just have to agree to disagree. Honestly, all this demonstrates to me is that all of the analogizing going on in this case is not only useless, but misleading.
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The analogy does not work for the following reasons. In order to carve the David, first a block of marble is cut from the mountainside, then it is altered by carving. Isolating DNA is equivalent to cutting the marble from the mountainside, it is only that first step - there is no subsequent carving going on - the nucleotide sequence is not changed. Additionally, in your analogy the part being cut away (analogous to the isolated sequence) are the chips of marble on the ground (not at all like an isolated sequence), and the David would be the rest of the sequence left behind that it was cut from (this also makes no sense at all).
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A better analogy would be a branch that his been trimmed from a tree. Still a product of nature, just a product of nature that has been harvested.
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I think the level of detail was definitely too little with respect to why cDNA is not naturally occurring. The court previously viewed isolated DNA as not naturally occurring because of the fact that it was snipped from the chain. Without a better understanding of cDNA I am not sure that cDNA is not minimally altered, much in the same way that isolated DNA is minimally altered.
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Jun 13, 2013