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Can't believe the article didn't mention cell phones as a fulfillment of the Star Trek communicators. Especially given that our smartphones of the early 21st century far exceed the capabilities of those spartan communicators of the 23rd century. Those crummy communicators didn't even have any games!
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I've been spending time programming a project in Go, but I've also been studying Scala. I see that Scala is OOP but the Actor library has a message queue mechanism similar to Go channels. Scala offers choice of receive or react for extracting messages. An actor using receive essentially has a thread dedicated, but when an actor is programmed with react, then many such actors can be multiplexed amongst one or a few threads - this is similar to Go goroutine scheduling. Scala also offers facilities in the language that assist in managing immutable data. Scala actor message queues are polymorphic but a switch statement enables processing whichever manner of message is extracted from the queue. (Whereas in Go, channels are strongly typed so it is typical to create and interact with several channels, but the Go select statement enables monitoring several channels.) I saw no mention of Scala and its Actor library. Kresten, what is there about Scala that fails to achieve your goal of merging processes and OOP? Scala has OOP and actors...and mechanisms to assist immutability
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Jan 9, 2010