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@Gary I agree that simply giving students the tools is not transformative. However, if left in the hands of many teachers, the tools become little more than electronic versions of their analog predecessors. So I guess I'm agreeing with those who think teachers need some type of transformative experience before they "get it." I saw this happen when (unfortunately only a select few) teachers received laptops, again when people obtained digital cameras, and now when they get iPhones or iPod Touch: It's the "What's Your Favorite App?" phenomenon. Unfortunately we missed the first two waves, so we need to grab this one and run with it. The excitement is here, so we need to take advantage of it and help teachers learn to work with their students as communities of learners to use these tools in new and powerful ways.
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I would define learning with technology as transformational when the learner of any age comes back to the teacher/facilitator and says, "Let me show you what I discovered/accomplished." This happens constantly with many technologies but the current leader is probably iPhone/iPod Touch.
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Thanks Scott! You are an awesome example for us all! Now, if only I could afford a Kindle, but as an educator, my salary has been frozen and my days of work cut...gotta feed the family...
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