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@Lad: Are US refiners currently exporting all their gasoline to China? Answer is no, so why would they start just because they swapped Venezuelan crude for Canadian crude?
Wasn't this announced 3 months ago? Regardless I think a 1/2 ton diesel pickup is way overdue and I wish them success. I might even buy one when I finally get tired of my 2004 F150, as a 50% increase in mpg would be most welcome!
The last thing we need is yet another fuel that only some cars can use, and will void the warranties of the others. Continued balkanization of the fuel supply is just makign things worse and worse. Enough already!
EPA wants to move to a test fuel containing 15% ethanol? I seriously doubt E15 will ever make it to market in any meaningful quantities, so why test with it.
Peter XX - "The Ford Focus Econetic 1.6-liter diesel is roughly 10% better" Doesn't really help us in the USA if the car is not available here.
Screw the hybrids, give me the 120d xDrive that does 0-60 in 7.2 seconds and still gets 50mpg
So now that the pump is no longer engine, why is it still mounted on the engine? Seems like they could take advantage and mount it somewhere more convenient and also de-clutter the engine which should make working on the engine easier
Jimr: We already have more refining capacity than we need. Cheaper to feed the existing ones with a new pipe than to build a new refinery on the Mississippi. Besides that, we already have plenty of refineries on the Mississippi. Anyway, building a new one would be almost impossible these days with all the permits and NIMBY folks.
The only problem with this, is that there are large areas where only 1 grade is available. Right now in San Antonio E10 is everywhere, and you cannot find E0. If they adopt E15 then there will be no E10 available either. So it really doesn't matter what sticker they put on the pump warning people to not use this in pre-2001 vehicles, because there will be no other choice, as every gas station in town will be E15.
The crude is going to be extracted and sold anyway, so better to use it on the same continent than ship it thousands of miles away, and in the process burning a lot of very dirty bunker fuel.
Would be nice if they introduced this to the US as well as Europe
Seems like raising the gas tax would be a lot simpler way of doing things
The EPA might have approved E15 for use, but the refiners will never produce it without a guarantee that they will not be held liable for damage to engines. Until that happens I see the E15 approval as a non event.
Even if I agreed that the science points to E15 being acceptable for all cars and light duty trucks (and I don't) there is still the question of millions of motorcycles, boats, lawn mowers and other small equipment. Unless you have blender pumps, everything gets the same gas.
I don't see retailers wanting to sell E15 when it's only good for 2007 and newer cars.
You can make all the 60mpg vehicles you want, but if gas stays at current prices then consumers will still gravitate towards SUV's and pickups. Slap a $2 tax on gasoline and consumers will beg for 60mpg cars and you can use the additional tax to fund rebates for hybrids and electric vehicles.
Where is the V6 or I6 diesel? I would dearly love a light duty truck with one, for towing modest loads and getting better mileage. Was looking forward to the Toyota Tacoma having a diesel but it seems they cancelled as well.
It's all very well to say it shouldn't sit in carbon steel, except that almost the entire fueling infrastructure is made from it.
You can design and offer for sale all the hybrids and electric vehicles you want, but if gas remains in the $2-$3 range, Americans will not buy them. It really is that simple! Raise the gas tax and use the money to build public transport and fund rebates for hybrids and electrics.
@Goracle: I agree, all we need to do is to call it something sinister like Dihydrogen Monoxide and the masses will fall for it. See for more information on this silent killer :-)
@SJC: I'm sure the market will tighten up in 2010 and beyond, but to put some of the blame on the Saudis for not producing as much as they did, is a mistake. Their current capacity stands at an all time high of 12 million barrels per day and they are investing in even more production.
Valero is a public company, so it is ultmately controlled by the stock holders.