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You're delusional if you think trading for B.J. Upton would be "easy". The upside is enormous considering he was a #2 overall pick who posted an .892 OPS in his age 22 season. He's a better defender than Granderson, is cheaper (for now), is younger, and has far more upside.
Come to think of it, phones "ring" more than they "call"...
A 0.0 WAR guy is assumed to be your standard Triple-A callup or free agent sitting at home waiting for the phone to call.
@masciob Not that anyone actually asked you, but Keith Law is actually smarter than you. He's smarter than me as well. That said, he's paid to analyze the game, and if you expect everyone that gets paid to talk about baseball to be correct 100% of the time, you may as well not read this site, watch SportsCenter, etc. He's still right more than he is wrong.
Even considering the laid-back attitude of a good portion of the Dodger fanbase, I have to think that not keeping Kemp long-term would result in a huge public backlash. Of course by the time Kemp is a free agent, hopefully the club will have an owner willing to spend a bit.
Sweet. Been waiting for some Mike Bordick news.
I don't see where the Marlins would be desperate for a closer, as while he's not elite, Leo Nunez did okay in that role last year. Not only would he cost the Fish its first-round pick, but he'd take up far too much of their budget.
If the Dodgers get a solid #4 like Pineiro or Harang, they're fine. They should get increased production as a whole from the young players, and I still don't see where the Rockies, Giants, and Dbacks have really improved. I would have to respectfully disagree that a healthy Webb = Lincecum. The numbers speak for themselves.
tony - who is finishing ahead of the Dodgers?
With all the deferred money and Schmidt insurance money, the Dodgers have to have the cash to spend on Pineiro. Saying that the Jamey Carroll signing impacts the budget is a travesty.
No patience to read 4 pages of Mets comments, but I'll just say that the Mets hit 49 homers at home and 46 on the road. Their opponents managed to hit 81 in Citi Field, a park that clocked in with a 1.057 HR park factor per ESPN. "Shields and Carlos Pena to NYM with Ike Davis, Pelfrey, and/or Niese and a mid level prospect. if no to Niese then 2 prospects." Why would the Rays do that? They give $7 million to a closer and then trade away a 1B good for a near-.900 OPS? Sure, perhaps if the Rays are out of the race come July, but now?
Interesting lineup: 2B Brian Roberts CF Adam Jones RF Nick Markakis LF Matt Holliday C Matt Wieters 1B Ty Wigginton DH Nolan Reimold 3B Garrett Atkins SS Cesar Izturis Solid free agent year from Millwood, a big upgrade at closer, and rapid development from the young pitching could at least make the O's watchable this year.
Trust me Andrew, we know. It's hard to really determine with any confidence what the Dodgers' payroll was this year versus last when you factor in all the deferred money to Manny, Andruw Jones, Pierre, etc. That said, I find it hard to believe the Dodgers don't have the funds to sign a guy like Pineiro given all the deferred money to Manny and the Schmidt insurance payout last year.
So the Dodgers can't afford a starting pitcher because of the Jamey Carroll contract? Wow...
@richard I suppose it comes down to how you want to define "holes". The Giants will probably be below league average at catcher, SS, 3B, and all three OF positions. 1B = Sandoval - above avg of course 2B = Sanchez - at or slightly above avg 3B is debatable with DeRosa. I think that's what he was getting at.
Barrettman - The Dodgers wouldn't give up Kemp for Tim Lincecum, much less Carlos Zambrano and his fat contract. I'd imagine the Cubs would eat 90% of Z's contract to acquire Kemp, but that Colletti would laugh Hendry off the phone.
@dushyant I can certainly say that Joba/Hughes >>> Boggs/Garcia, and so would 99% of the other posts on this site. Pretty sure neither Yankee has a 1.83 career WHIP like Boggs.
"5. Boggs/Garcia=Joba/Hughes" Seriously?
Please...are we still using prior-year RBI totals to evaluate how a player will do the following season?
Holliday to Boston and then Ellsbury, Buchholz, and a couple prospects to San Diego for Gonzalez? I'm not a Red Sox fan, but that would make for quite an offseason. Just not sure I see Boston approaching a $185 million payroll.
"I hope the Red Sox do sign Beltre because Lowell is a better hitter and 3B than he is." Please tell me you didn't just say Lowell is a better defensive 3B than Beltre.
Baggary = tool I still can't get over the Affeldt MVP vote.
$6 million a year for a soon-to-be (Feb) 35 year-old coming off wrist surgery? Another great move by Brian Sabean. Did I mention the sub-.200 avg in September or the rapidly declining defense (-8.7 UZR/150)?
"Yeah, and that santa thing was like 40 years ago. And he was a lame downgrade from what the Eagles promised to be a huge halftime show, so they were mad it was just him. And wasn't he drunk anyway?" A drunk Santa in Philly. Go figure.
To be fair, Raul Ibanez was widely viewed as an awful signing last winter at 3/31, and that's worked out pretty well so far. Perhaps the Polanco signing will work out similarly.