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Dear Friends, In the time I have been a paid subscriber of netflix, I have found that their customer service has gone from poor to bad to bad beyond words. After my comments there are a few helpful suggestions that I hope are useful. Emailing netflix is about as useful as using a hammer on your keyboard - it makes noise and you may feel better for a minute, but NOT because anyone actually gave you the help you wanted. Calling netflix ? The saddest joke of all. Make certain to have a very large block of time, and be prepared to hear the same text over and over again whilst getting nothing of value - and afterwards you might as well go get that hammer - or you might injure yourself banging your head on the wall !!! Last time I wrote was about my overview of their fictional 'hate and spite department'. Despite the fact that this was a fiction born of my frustration - it did surprise me that they went to no effort to deny such a miserable thing really exists - so maybe my imagination is closer to the truth than I ever guessed - who knows ? Since then, I had a while during which they amazed me by being efficient and timely for maybe 2-3 weeks. I waited to see if it would remain good, and of course it didn't, so I didn't share with anyone about it. Since then, their timing and efficiency has gone right down the sewer. I live in Vermont, and I also have been getting discs from HI and other amazingly distant places - very slowly, and the most popular ploy these days is that even with ALL my discs going back to a center that is one mail-day away by purpose and design, they have been sending me 2 discs one day and the 3rd sometime later despite getting back all the previous batch together. Which leads me to some suggestions: Try to get your discs in and out together. ALWAYS put 2 discs/sleeves in one envelope and the 3rd in another. UNLESS: If they have really pissed you off, put all 3 in one envelope - this is apparently a violation of their contract with the USPS and is likely to register your protest about their poor timing and efficiency loudly. And - make blog entries and such like this one, clearly expressing your unhappiness as a paying customer who isn't getting what you need and want from their service - always also make certain to share these via email with netflix - because even though they will not do anything positive, they may eventually notice just how many unhappy paying customers they really have, and may even eventually DO something positive as a result - but don't hold your breath unless you want to have your heirs collecting your life insurance.... And lastly - while whistling "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life", remember how much really, abysmally worse b.buster is than netflix - and you might even feel a little bit better about how slowly your discs get delivered. Best Wishes to All ! mark p.s.: Make sure to tell your local postal folks that you refuse to believe the awful things netflix is constantly saying about them and their service when anyone calls or emails for help with poor service - the nice folks at the USPS always appreciate when they get any appreciation at all !!!