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Meg, I'm so glad you got a chance to try these recent releases, and found them compelling. I know that a couple of years ago, you were a bit skeptical about Vermont wines, and based on evolution of general quality at the time, it was understandable. There are definitely wines that are separating themselves from the rest of the pack, and I hope that they will continue to provide a rising benchmark for other producers in the state. I personally feel that the garagiste model is the one where revelations about the honest expression of cold hardy fruit will occur. More so than highly capitalized operations where the risk of bottom line requirements, drive the wines to a common denominator based on low price and only serviceable quality. Cheers, Todd
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2013 on La Garagista: Real Vermont Wine at Maker’s Table
Hey Meg, great set of picks, and IMHO you saved the best for the last round, and having tried that Scheurebe you are right on, and it is lighting up my memory banks...they might require a recharge, with cheese for Gouda measure. New site is clean and crisp, leaving you room to add the impact. very nice. cheers.
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2011 on Gouda, Plus Wine at Maker’s Table
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Dec 28, 2011