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So many of us see our lives as they are now. If we are overweight, we want to be thinner, but don't have faith that we will really ever get there. If we are smokers, we might like to stop. But who really thinks she can? These items and so many others really ARE possible if you see your life in a vibrant and vivid way. What does this mean? It means seeing life in color instead of in black and white. It means realizing that you are beautiful today - even with those extra 20 pounds - and deciding how you are going to convey that to the world. It means taking a look at your old, worn house and figuring out key ways to spend $100 or less to add some vibrancy to your space. You get the idea. You really can add energy and vitality to every single interaction and occasion in your life. And my job on this journey is to help you to see how. Doesn't it sound exciting? That's because it is. Our lives can be wonderful and fulfilling just as they are - not if we win the lottery and change everything -... Continue reading
Posted Feb 1, 2010 at Vibrant and Vivid
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Jan 31, 2010