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That is the Arachnoid used during each new hunter's Dream Hunt. The venom is injected into the person, and they chew what is called a "brain worm", which releases psychoactive chemicals into their bloodstream. The combination of the venom and chemicals puts the person into a state where they see hallucinations, and attempt to find their Spirit Animal. From the script, Jake's Spirit Animal is the Toruk. This ritual takes place directly after Neytiri puts the body paint on Jake. (Eytukan told Jake that it would be very unlikely of him to survive the toxins from the arachnoid.)
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Terrible. It really sucks to have your ex-wife grab something like that from you when you OBVIOUSLY made a better movie than her. >:( Continue reading
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With the amino tanks they have for regrowing limbs and such, I would have to say its definantly possible. They could probably just give him some sort of pacemaker to get his heart back in shape.
In the original script, they were supposed to have the ability to see various bands of light. If they were to look at a dangerous plant, it would have a neon glow in their vision and vice versa.
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Jan 26, 2010
According to Pandorapedia, their blue skin may have previously served as a means of camoflouge, and as for the bioluminescense, they say that it's for identification and mood displays. Oh, and their blood only appears red when it reacts with the Pandoran atmosphere.
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Jan 14, 2010
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Jan 14, 2010