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* What are your favorite 'go-to' blogs that you read EVERY day? Lately none...the only thing I check religiously any more is * What movies do you love enough to buy the DVD and watch them over and over and OVER again? Inception. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. * What one activity makes you happiest of all and you would do every single day if you could? Walking the dog. * What did you learn most about yourself this year? Was it a shocker or a slow realization? Or a 'duh' moment? It wasn't my fault. Slow realization, but inevitable. * If you had a $10 iTunes card burning a hole in your pocket, what songs would you buy? I want the new Kanye West actually. * Best casual restaurant in Denver/Boulder? Why? Chipotle. My go-to splurge spot. * Top 3 design blogs you CAN'T get enough of! Um...none. * What defines 'cozy' for you? How do you accomplish cozy? Soft shirt and comfy jeans, relaxing on the couch with an animal or 2 nearby. Accomplished almost nightly. * What's the one best wardrobe change you've made in the last year? I finally own comfy black shoes I can wear to work. * 4 books that changed your life? Ender's Game, A Christmas Carol, my Social Psychology textbook, and maybe the tiling how-to book I got (after that project I was convinced I can do home repair stuff competently and actually use tools!) * What's your fave comfort food meal? (brownie points if you share the recipe!!) My mom's Velveeta mac and cheese. Not what you'd call a health food. I can provide the recipe if you want :-D * What's a perfect day mean to you? A run or hike with the dog, quality time with Hailey, some down time for me and, if it's a work day, a clean or nearly empty email in-box
Toggle Commented Jan 3, 2011 on Questions? at A Likely Story!
There are a couple signs on 100th right by me about rooms for rent and such. Also I found out today the family behind us is moving, so the house right down the hill from me is for sale too!
Toggle Commented Sep 9, 2009 on Operation "Adios Kansas" at A Likely Story!
The Flaming Lips are at Red Rocks in August! You're welcome to join us :-D
Toggle Commented Jul 17, 2009 on The Last.... at A Likely Story!