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Wade Black
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I think it's over for Big Papi. Ever since his jersey was dug up from the concrete at El Nuevo Estadio de los Yankees, he just hasn't been the same. Youkilis taking walks doesn't mean a whole lot when there's only JD Drew there to drive him home.
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2010 on Optimism ... at YFSF
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God this is why Sox fans are so goddamned irritating. The man makes a qualified comment about an awesome World Series play, and every Sox fan who reads this blog gets their panties in a bunch and freaks out and tries to offer up first a meaningless May steal of home by Ellsbury, then a critical, but not especially amazing Roberts steal in the ALCS as some sort of one-up on a play where Damon stole two freaking bases on one play. IN THE WORLD FREAKING SERIES. No one is going to remember Ellsbury's steal. People will remember Roberts' steal, but only in the context of the Rivera blown save and the subsequent horrific losses by the Yanks to spot the Sox a couple championships after 80 some years. So deal with it, Sox fans. This goes into the annals of World Series baserunning history. Enos Slaughter (horrid racist scum)'s "Mad Dash" may be the best, but this was certainly the best I'm likely to see in my lifetime.
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2010 on Mr. Damon of Detroit at YFSF
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Feb 21, 2010