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^^^ oops, totally misspelled disingenuous.
Hmm, so let me get it straight, you are Team Jinkx from the beginning but in one episode, because she did poorly in the Sugar Ball challenge, you are now Team Alaska? That's all it took for you? Granted this was a very very important challenge, but to me, Jinkx's overall positives and previous performance far far far outweighs the negatives. I also give her slack because it is a fashion challenge which was not her thing and something that can be easily improved upon. That being said, Alaska is wonderful and I would be happy for her if she won. Alaska's final speech was fantastic and it suited her. Something other than what Jinkx said would probably come off disingenuinous. I have major respect that she stayed true to herself no matter what the competition wanted even if she loses because of that. Anyways, Just found your blog. I really enjoy your writing style. The GIF's are wonderful. Looking forward to your season six recaps :)
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May 3, 2013