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Ken Waineo
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I think this Safeway has significant issues. The old store was mostly known for poor service in the neighborhood. Then during construction, they did most everything that they could to upset the neighborhood, was unwilling to complete a good neighbor agreement, and then created a monstrosity of a building at the end of the process. The whole thing was completely tone-deaf and that should be an incredibly dangerous thing to do in the Hawthorne district. I've never had a great opinion of Safeway, but everything they have done during this process has significantly deteriorated that general opinion. This should cause Safeway significant anxiety as both Fred Meyer and New Seasons have far better shopping experiences, better community relations and (for Fred Meyer) generally better prices. It's just too easy for shoppers like me to avoid Safeway completely and Safeway has given me every excuse to do so.
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Mar 29, 2012