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Alice...I thank you for putting in the time to sort this out. You put in some real effort and time--this note is to say I really appreciate it. Sometimes we blog to an empty room or it's full and no one speaks up. I have nothing to add to your information. This is just a "We thank you!"
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Jan 5, 2013
Congrats Alice!
Thanks for this. Just ordered it. If you hsve a 'good read' list of books on natural/organic/bio-d wine I"m interested. BTW...was nice to hear Eric Asimov call you out as an original voice on wine during his speech at WBC. Congrats on that.
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Well said Alice. You have to be a bit off to chose food (or wine) made with poison. This is neither religion nor tree-huggerness...just common sense. And to me, health and taste are both the result with wine. NYC is hardly a center for health extremes but it is very much a center for natural wines and food, farm and roof2table. The question is not why but why not? Thanks for writing this. My views of natural wine are @ http://arnoldwaldsteincom/wine
Hi Alice. We don't know each other but I'm a passionate Natural Wine lover living in NYC and a fan of yours for a long while. Thanks for this post. I've spent much of the last week on various London newspaper comment strings trying to put a reasonable point of view on the rather astutely stupid attitudes of many of the British press, especially the wine press. BTW..this is who I am: These represent what I believe about this endless polemic and why I think a big change is coming: Natural wines... a perfect storm of social change for the wine world Natural winemaking…a taste revolution whose time has come Thanks for riding herd on this important and annoyingly aggravating debate. Arnold
Useful post...thnx Using new methods for new connections makes sense for PR, for analytics, for commerce and everything....
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May 5, 2010