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Molly Craig
No matter what dire situation you have found yourself in due to addiction, at Walker Drug Rehab, we have the tools to get you back on the right track. Walker Drug Rehab focuses on ensuring that each and every client who enters our facility gets the treatment they require in order to defeat substance abuse. This means that we offer a full spectrum of therapeutic treatment. Therapy offered includes individual sessions, in which you will meet with a counsellor on a personal basis in order to plunge deep within yourself and discover what might be exacerbating your substance abuse. During group sessions, you’ll meet with your peers in the substance abuse treatment center to share your experiences and impart wisdom to one another. And in family therapy, those closest to you will come join you in order to begin healing the wounds that have been left on those you care about by your addiction. At Walker Drug Rehab, we provide traditional treatment strategies as well as cutting edge recovery techniques. In addition t
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Mar 22, 2017