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I can understand why every company, big and small, wants to have a Facebook presence. But aren't people getting a little carried away directing everyone just to their Facebook page? It's not like people have to get in their car and drive for 20 minutes just to click on a company url.
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As PR pros, don't we have to use ALL of the new shiny objects, once they reach a certain minimum audience?
Thanks for linking to my video Kevin! We are still honoring all prize commitments to anyone who can spot the mistakes.
This does show that being a good presenter isn't just about practice. There are set principles involved that can help any presenter anytime.
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If it is a minor problem like going ahead to the wrong slide, just don't comment, and then go to the correct slide. It's not that people won't notice, but by not commenting, it makes the mistake unmemorable.
My clients are always focused on their content--and there is always way too much of it!
Beautiful packaging! And the video shows it off nicely.
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2010 on The Presentation Zen Bento Box at Presentation Zen
Kindergartners are great speakers because they usually aren't acting. Adult business people are poor presenters because they are acting--they are acting stiff, boring and 'serious."
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Good point on the people who only Twitter self-promotional stuff. Who reads that stuff?
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2010 on Five Twitter Tips at Strategic Public Relations
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Aug 10, 2010