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I can relate to this, Ruth! This is what we do all the time in the Wilton Test Kitchen, where I work. We're constantly thinking about what the home baker has on hand, or how it would be easiest for them. And I too, just recently discovered that small eggs are not around when trying to reduce the number of eggs in a cake! Wonderful post.
Toggle Commented Mar 18, 2014 on Why We Test Recipes at Ruth Reichl
After several attempts, I still can't perfect my mother's Irish Soda Bread recipe, even with her handwritten recipe. She knows exactly how much buttermilk she needs to put in (it varies with the season and the humidity), and how long to mix it with her hands...which is until "it feels just right," a sensation she knows from making so many loaves throughout her life. I'm going to keep on trying though, because this recipe cannot die. It's delicious!
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Dec 21, 2011