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It'll all work out.......Trust them...........
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"Suppose you assign a group of students to flip a coin 200 times and write down the results. Some of them actually do it, while others fake it. I could spot the fakes in a heartbeat, and so could you with a little practice. Most people do not understand what random data looks like, so they do not know how to fake it. They do not understand that "streaks" happen." But maybe you are too confident that you could spot the fakes based on what you "think" randomness really looks like. Seems you think a lack of streaks implies faking. But reality is, in true randomness there is no way to be certain you spotted a fake....
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Odd, last time I checked Ron Paul was also a candidate.......
Toggle Commented Jan 19, 2012 on "Department of Duh" at Economist's View
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Jan 19, 2012