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The Catholic Church is one of our mainstays with government. I don't mean they control anyone; I mean they are big enough to slow down pushy politicians who step on everyday Americans! God has a way of moving along with a smile of compassion, even for politicians! Especially ones who have totalitarian objectives! Come November,we will hopefully have more Capitalistic compassion from the Well To Do! Capitalists who will see that the elected officials realize the need for bare/bones costs, for energy products(oil), and with the food producers,health area,etc. Capitalism works well when the less well to do,have inexpensive products to buy! The economy just keeps rolling along! The Catholic Church has for years been a provider of needs to others. Well! They can mention to the new Administration: the need for inexpensive everyday staples, with a warm smile! The Catholic Church has proved charity works! The government needs to stop being greedy! Take a hint from the church! Then all those rich cats who think they should pay more taxes, can do so!It will come with an approval from God!
Toggle Commented May 21, 2012 on The Catholic Church Strikes Back at Monica Crowley
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May 21, 2012