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I think you have my lawnmower, Chandlee. It looks exactly the same. I told a friend on Twitter that I often come up with blog posts while mowing the lawn. I mowed here when we first bought the house and my sons were 4 and 5. The hilly, uneven terrain in my double lot is challenging and I gave up my mowing when the boys grew old enough to do it. Last year, if I couldn't convince my 23-24 years to mow, I did it myself. This year, I might struggle with heat-exhaustion and my muscles might ache, but I am mowing on my own because I see it as a victory that I still can and realize that someday perhaps I will not be able to mow it. Thanks for the reflection. You are always fun to read.
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Great post,Chandlee, and then I am honored that you have included me in your networks. The "WHO you know that knows you back" is an important concept. I talk with my clients a lot about nurturing relationships with your network so that when you need to use a network, it is there. Thank you for your insight, which always feels heartfelt!
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Jul 12, 2010
Billie, Great post! Many of us lived our lives that way for years, in the shoulda zone. I have been working very hard to move out of that zone and into enjoying every day and making it count. Thanks for the inspiration... and for the great breakfast chat in New Orleans!
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Brilliant, Cindy! You have a way of capturing the concept in a vivid way. I've told job seekers that for years but many feel like job boards will solve all their problems. Putting the extra effort into understanding what a company needs and finding a way to tell them that you have a solution puts fear into the heart of most job seekers.
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Nov 19, 2009