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When employees are negotiating with their employer about benefits (or when price-taking workers choose which job to take), they obviously have a choice between employer-paid health care, or employee-paid. (Some may believe they have a choice as to whether they will benefit from health care packages; good luck with that.) The employer-paid package is paid with pre-tax dollars; the employee-paid care, with after-tax dollars. A dollar that the employer gives out in wages can pay something like 60¢ for medical care. Of course, individually-purchased health insurance was, prior to Obamacare, at ridiculously higher rates than what the employers paid, making the contrast more stark. Health care exemption is one of the nation's biggest tax expenditures. While employers such as Hobby Lobby emphasize that they're spending their money, and Mr. Reinhardt talks about the employees' money, the real outrage should be how the employers choose how to spend spend taxpayer dollars counter to public policy.
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This article wrote, “Further impediments to effective patent policy in the software industry include a shortage of patent examiners with the requisite technical skills…” Isn't this the same thing as saying that the Highway Dept can't hire enough patrolmen, so we ought to abolish speed limits and other laws subject to judgement, such as “weaving” or “distracted driving?” The laws are meant to be enforced; if too many patents end up in the courts, we have merely chosen a rather expensive option. And that choice, too, was made by Congress, which is (still, last time I looked) responsible for writing the law.
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“Besides, why should the cable operators like COX, which is entering the mobile phone business, or Cablevision … want to carry someone else's voice traffic for free…—but that's likely another story…” And a big one, too: this seems to be the most important application for net neutrality yet. My government-guaranteed monopoly ISP is going to be able to choose how much I have to pay for phone service, too?
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Jun 21, 2010