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"The publishers send out books that require no ink, no paper, no printing presses, no typesetters, no warehouses, no cartons, no trucking or shipping, no shelf-stocking, no returns or write-offs...I’m still paying about $8 to $10 for a book?" When publishers bypass e-book designers (e-typesetters) they too often add to the proliferation of typos and lousy formatting rampant in e-books today. With a text-only novel a "quick-and-dirty p-to-e conversion" might work OK, although those annoying typos and sometimes puzzling formatting almost always crop up in the results. It takes time, planning, and -- yes -- design considerations to make the e-book a comparably pleasant reading experience to that of a p-book. Even trying to export a high-quality ePub from, say, the p-book's Adobe InDesign file rarely yields an e-book that doesn't need some fixing and tweaking. Too many of the e-books I see (Kindle, ePub, whatever) are simply annoying to read, have a lot of errors, and are not easy to navigate through smoothly. And way too many of their publishers try to justify that rarely justifiable "magic price point" of $9.99. In fact, an e-book version should be priced NO HIGHER THAN the price of a comparable mass market paperback, even if some bells and whistles have been added.
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Dec 12, 2009