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Looking forward to tomorrow's call to address my creative block. Sometimes, I am astonished at the distractions I allow to come between me and my project...even knowing that it does not have to be close to perfect. The joy of taking some action and creating every day would be incredible.
Loved this month's newsletter! Blog Tour adds an extra bonus to your book! Great advice on distraction, procrastination and self sabotage...I need them. Love your response ...HAVE to do creativity for your peace of mind. Keep the Q & A going with Chris...hilarious.
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Yes, I would love to look into someone’s soul If I practice hard enough perhaps it will happen With meditation And sensitivity I am a soul seeking person My gift is intuition I used to think it was nonsense But now I believe it
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My sister, who speaks in a strong convincing manner, subtly strikes my enthusiastic idea down with incorrect facts of her own. I take in what she says without responding. I cannot think fast enough for a quick comeback. Of course, now I can think of a myriad of retorts. The incessant conversation in my head drives me crazy. It…is…not…going…away. A lightbulb goes on in my head. Insight floods my senses. This is an ongoing habit of mine, not only with my sister, but with all authoritative type personalities who exude power. At the moment of impact with their dastardly words, I don’t want to crush their image of themselves. Afterwards,I have been known to get caught up in a tornado of thoughts about what I could have said to keep my dignity. It can last for days, weeks and even months! Sheesh! So what should I do about it? I just happened to be reading my astrological prediction for the week where Rob Breszny’s advice makes me jump out of my chair…”Taurus, figure out, once and for all, why you keep doing a certain deed that is beneath you. Stop doing it with such a somber demeanor and heavy tread and put more pleasure into it.” Wow. My mind just switched to another frequency. The whole scenario is now comical. If it happens again, I will try laughing. Not in any disrespectful way, of course, but just a light chuckle. I will silently forgive them ‘for they know not what they say.’ I can still love them and go merrily on my way, allowing the festering in my head to be replaced with anticipation for my brainchild plan.
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Feedback for Laura: I was fascinated with your riveting sailing adventure. I could feel the adrenalin with the pelting rain and wind. Sheer terror. Whew! Happy you made it out of that storm.
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Rainstorm Through the Eyes of a Five Year Old Rain comes thundering down around our house after an ominous crack of thunder in the sky; precariously close…I am frightened, hiding in my mother’s apron. Alert to the voices of my older siblings singing ‘its raining cats and dogs,’ I am fascinated, wondering if the massive buckets of rain on the roof could crack open a hole into our home…would the cats be okay? Impulsively, I am brave when my siblings call me to run with them to the front of our house where we watch the torrent of water cascading off the eaves in sheets like Niagara Falls…we can set up chairs and invite our friends on Wellington Street to come over to see the show, our very own Falls. Narrowly missing the overflowing oak rain barrel at the end of the gutter, a penetrating stream of water rushes down to bore a deep, widening hole in the ground…we squeal with delight at the thought of wading in the natural pool when the sun comes out. Wanda Hatton
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The color of Wine Mystery evokes pleasant memories of walking through the vineyard in Sonoma, mesmerized by the undulating vines as far as my eye could see. It truly is a mystery how those grapes on the vines can morph into the most delectable liquid, from the first taste on my tongue, trickling down my throat in the most sensuous way like the warmth of a blush. When I drank my first glass of wine, I seemed to have a sixth sense of my surroundings, looking out of rose colored glasses. There is nothing like sharing an exquisite glass of Cabernet Sauvignon and a small plate of hor d’oeuvres to bring out camaraderie with friends. There is nothing like an ice cold Chardonnay after shopping with a friend for hours and settling into a nice sidewalk café in the middle of summer. There is nothing like the pop of the cork from a bottle of Zinfandel while my husband and I slowly savor our way through several dinner courses and reminisce about our past travel adventures. Wine is the catalyst to savor the tastes and essence of life in a most delightful way.
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Three Events occurred on Thursday, March 8, 2012: A Solar Flare, Full Moon in Virgo, International Women’s Day Emerging from the trepidation of the solar flare reaching so close to Earth on Thursday, we are edgy and emerge from our homes, elongating our necks to scan the sky. Experts said that after hibernating for five years, not doing much of anything, the sun began waking up about a year ago; similar to the groundhog in February, looking to see his shadow. It’s ethereal. According to National Geographic, the link between activity on the sun and geomagnetic disturbances on Earth is expected to cause technological outages. Could modern life come to a standstill? Scientists say it could cause chaotic or confused thinking and erratic behaviors in people. What is the meaning underneath it all? Could it be the Universe hitting us on the head, sending us a message to take care of our land, the Planet Earth? Some say we are portraying a very bleak picture of greed and waste. Every leaf on every juniper tree is worth our attention. Perhaps we are taking this too lightly, luxuriating in our homes, all comfy with heat and light, driving our cars that are guzzling gasoline and making us feel cool with air conditioners. Shall we leap up in the air, cheer the sun and the Full Moon in Virgo today? The feminine in us is urging us to sit in our chair and be introspective. In that state of stillness, it’s possible we can figure out a way to put a lock on that solar energy, harnessing it for all humanity to use all over the world…free, safe and unending. International Womens Day today shows Mother Earth, a woman, peeking out of all this mess on our planet. Walking sideways, backwards and forwards, she gives us clues on how to clean and clear our planet of destruction and devastation. Some of us will pay attention. Some of us will forget all about it and saunter over to the motel because the breakfast they serve there is looking good and the black coffee is hot.
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Twinkle and wander little star How I wonder where you are Escaping the fray, you are so wise Dodging solar flares in the skies Gabrielle sings your song all day Out in the world while she is at play But how will she greet you to say hi If you are elusive to her eye Wishing for her, I wait and scan the haze For any glimpse of your gift to amaze Please wander the sky and twinkle tonight Gabrielle will throw you kisses before sleeping tight
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Mar 4, 2012
Reflecting on my first book off the shelf of my grade school library in Toronto, Canada, possibly when I was in the 3rd grade: My first recollection of books on shelves was when my teacher escorted us to the library in my grade school. I was astonished at all the books on display. Coming from a disadvantaged Polish immigrant household without books, it was like I had entered a fairy tale. My teacher showed us how to choose a book from the shelf and take it to the librarian to be stamped. One book seemed to pop right out of the shelf into my hands. It was called Radishes and Gooseberry. I loved the cover illustration of explorers and Indians in a canoe on a river. When I took it to the librarian, I assumed the book would be stamped and taken to my classroom for reading. I was astonished to find out I could take it home with me. Imagine that! I clutched that book with all my might, never leaving it out of my sight. That feeling has been with me to this day whenever I discover a unique book that I cannot wait to read. We were told to tell a little story about the book we checked out. Imagine my surprise after I recited the story about adventurers and Indians in a canoe in Canada and found out I had chosen a non fiction book. It was a real story about real explorers in 1659 named Radisson and des Groseilliers, fur traders who organized and charted a new route through Hudson Bay, claiming Port Nelson with Indians and starting the Hudson’s Bay Company. The two explorer’s nicknames were Radishes and Gooseberry!
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At the Academy Awards, I was nominated for the best sender in the birthday wishes category. I was recognized for sending birthday emails to every single member of our clan throughout the year; all 45 of us; including a birthday memory for the matriarch and patriarch of the family, my mother and father, who are with us in spirit. I was thrilled when I won, and, as I was stepping up to the stage to receive the Oscar, one of my 8 inch Jimmy Choo heels got stuck in someone’s throwaway gum (no doubt it was from that brat, Justin Bieber). So I gingerly stepped out of my shoe and walked precariously to the microphone. Oprah presented me with the award, fascinated that the Universe acknowledged my presence. I accepted the golden Oscar, clutching it with ingratiating emotion as I gave my acceptance speech with all the eloquence I could muster. I thanked each member of my family of 45 with a little anecdote on each one. I noticed that Nick Nolte was fast asleep by the time I got to the 5th family acknowledgement. George Clooney and Brad Pitt were playing Oceans 11 Casino games and Helen Mirran and Meryl Streep were nodding off by the time I got to the 15th family member. Most of the audience was leaving and Hoda and Kathie Lee were drinking up in the back rows with a slew of celebrities by the time I got to the 40th family member. I spoke without notes, remembering every agonizing detail of every one of my family. By the time I got to the 45th family member, Billy Crystal came riding out on the stage on a horse with a posse behind him. They chased me off the stage and I slipped right into the orchestra pit, accompanied by Adele who kept singing…You could have had it aaaaaallllll, rolling in the deeeeeep…. With that, I rolled right out into the night…exhausted but exhilarated. ...sorry so late in posting...
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WH Prescription: When calling a friend to make yourself feel better And getting their voice mail Hang up but keep phone in your ear and say, ‘hi, it’s me, just being silly.’ Release pent up frustration by talking to a photo of a smiling child Ask them what they would do in this situation Imagine them sitting on the sidewalk curb Listen closely as they give their advice Take it and thank them Go to the playground Laugh and play
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Feb 26, 2012