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Wanda Mann
New York City
I am a native New Yorker with a passion for travel, food & wine, and little black dresses!
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“Don Melchor is for me the constant search for the best expression of each of the vines within the vineyard, in order to achieve the beauty of the balance of the terroir of Puente Alto in each vintage. That is my true obsession. I use technology as a tool to achieve greater knowledge, but with this, observing and feeling each plant and wine is what allows us to achieve the perfect balance in each vintage." - Enrique Tirado, Winemaker & General Manager, Viña Don Melchor Is there a wine in your life that makes your heart skip a beat when... Continue reading
Posted May 18, 2021 at Wine With Wanda
Katherine Power & Cameron Diaz, Founders of Avaline image courtesy of Avaline The response from the wine media was fast and furious when actor Cameron Diaz and entrepreneur Katherine Power introduced their Avaline wines to the world last year. Quicker than you could chill a bottle, Avaline’s "clean wine" claims were branded as misleading. It’s true that much of the language surrounding clean wines is cloudy; there is no legal definition of clean wine. Avaline's website states that “Avaline makes clean, delicious wines with organic grapes. Transparently produced, full of natural goodness, free of unnecessary extras.” It is wonderful that... Continue reading
Posted May 15, 2021 at Wine With Wanda
“I am an artisan. What does it mean to be an artisan? It means to have my own project, that I like to do in my own way. The process starts in the vineyards, that is the most important for us, through the cellar until arriving in the market. My wish is to be able to give inspiration to my collaborators.” - Angelo Gaja Could winemaker Angelo Gaja be the antidote for Zoom fatigue? When an 81-years-young Angelo Gaja appeared on my computer screen from his vineyard in Piedmont, surrounded by yellow mustard flowers and imitating the buzzing sounds of... Continue reading
Posted May 7, 2021 at Wine With Wanda
Eduardo Jordàn Villalobos, Winemaker, Miguel Torres Chile If you're a fan of Spanish wines, Miguel Torres is a very familiar name; the family-owned winery's legacy in Spain spans 150 years. Not content with making wine exclusively in their homeland, in the 1970s, they set their sights on the Southern Hemisphere, and Miguel Torres Chile was founded in 1979. Miguel Torres was the first foreign winery to arrive in Chile, bringing know-how, passion, innovation, and a respect for Chilean culture. I recently had the pleasure of chatting on Instagram Live with their winemaker Eduardo Jordàn Villalobos. Stainless steel vats and French... Continue reading
Posted May 3, 2021 at Wine With Wanda
"I soon learned that wine is not merely learning about a beverage, but also understanding the history, language, culture, and traditions of the people and countries where each wine is made. Wine is a very complicated subject, one that reinvents itself every year with a new vintage; the fact that wines constantly change makes for a fascinating and a lifelong study." Kevin Zraly, Wine Educator and Author of the Windows on the World Complete Wine Course What a career and what a storyteller! The inimitable Kevin Zraly is an award-winning wine writer and one of the world's foremost wine educators.... Continue reading
Posted Apr 30, 2021 at Wine With Wanda
image courtesy of Mionetto No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you; there's a flirty pink glow emanating from the Prosecco aisle of your favorite wine shop. Prosecco Rosé was officially approved as a DOC in 2020 and the wines have started arriving in the US. Wine lovers no longer have to choose between Prosecco's perky bubbles and rosé's blush-hued charms. To learn more about the new Prosecco Rosé category, I recently chatted on Instagram Live with Enore Ceola, CEO and Managing Director of Freixenet Mionetto USA. Enore Ceola, CEO and Managing Director of Freixenet Mionetto USA A native of... Continue reading
Posted Apr 18, 2021 at Wine With Wanda
Michelle DeFeo, President of Laurent-Perrier US photo: Chris George A day that includes Champagne and compelling conversation is always cause for celebration, even when the bubbles are shared virtually! I recently had the pleasure of sipping Champagne Laurent-Perrier with Michelle DeFeo, President of Laurent-Perrier US, on Instagram Live. The elegant wines and sparkling conversation added some welcome ooh la la to my day. Watch our chat on IGTV or by clicking the video below. Founded in 1812, Laurent-Perrier remains family-owned. Following in the footsteps of the many dynamic women in the House's history, today Laurent-Perrier is managed by sisters Alexandra... Continue reading
Posted Apr 4, 2021 at Wine With Wanda
Alexandre Relvas, Chief Winemaker & Co-Owner, Casa Relvas (Alentejo, Portugal) In 2018, I embarked on my first and only trip to Portugal to visit wineries in Alentejo and it was magical. But after chatting with fifth generation vintner Alexandre Relvas on Instagram Live, I know that my next journey to Alentejo would be incomplete without a visit to Casa Relvas. You can watch our conversation and tasting on IGTV, YouTube, or by clicking the video below. During our conversation, Alexandre described Alentejo's rich winemaking history and how wines made in amphora are an integral part of the region's legacy. We... Continue reading
Posted Mar 3, 2021 at Wine With Wanda
Manfred Ing, Winemaker, Querciabella Hopping a flight overseas remains a daydream during these long days of social distancing, but thankfully traveling the world through wine is a reality. Recently, I took a virtual journey to beautiful Tuscany through the wines of Querciabella with winemaker Manfred Ing. Watch our Instagram Live conversation on IGTV, YouTube, or by clicking the video below. Founded in 1974 with a single hectare vineyard in Tuscany, today Querciabella has more than 100 hectares in Chianti Classico and Maremma. In 1988, Querciabella converted to organic viticulture and in 2000 they introduced a 100% plant‑based approach to biodynamics... Continue reading
Posted Mar 2, 2021 at Wine With Wanda
Cristian Rimoldi, Export Director, Champagne Delamotte The 2021 season of Wine With Wanda on Instagram Live kicked off on a sparkling note with Champagne Delamotte. My special guest was the House's export director, Cristian Rimoldi. Founded in Reims in 1760, at more than 250 years old, Delamotte is the fifth oldest house in Champagne. Watch our chat on IGTV, YouTube, or by clicking the video below. In addition to discussing Delamotte's rich history, Cristian shared his personal and professional journey from the Argentinian Pampa to France. During out chat, we tasted Champagne Delamotte Blanc de Blancs NV ($90.99) and Champagne... Continue reading
Posted Feb 22, 2021 at Wine With Wanda
“The wine is a very real metaphor for the favorite people in our lives—bold, layered, interesting, confident with gentle, soft edges.” Christi & Dave Ficeli, founders of C. Elizabeth image courtesy of C. Elizabeth Strong women and the power of love inspired the creation of C. Elizabeth Cabernet Sauvignon. In 2002, Christi and Dave Ficeli were newly engaged lovebirds and enjoying a quiet night out in Napa. As the conversation turned towards their future, Christi and Dave determined that wine would be an integral part of the life they were building together. "We decided to create a wine that reflected... Continue reading
Posted Feb 9, 2021 at Wine With Wanda
I jokingly call the Pasqua brothers the “Bad Boys of Verona." In reality, Alessandro and Riccardo are absolute gentlemen, but they do love to shake things up. Many people in the wine world talk about experimentation and innovation, but the Pasquas actually do it. Their cheekily named wine, Hey French, You Could Have Made This But You Didn’t ($40), is a perfect example of their wicked sense of humor and commitment to crafting fine wine. A blend of mostly Garganega, rounded out with Pinot Bianco and Sauvignon, Hey French is a multi-vintage wine and combines 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2017... Continue reading
Posted Jan 31, 2021 at Wine With Wanda
When that Riesling feeling hits, no other sip will do. I recently opened a beautiful bottle produced by a 9th generation family winery in Alsace: Domaine Sipp Mack Riesling Grand Cru Rosacker 2015 ($49). Located in the northeast of France, Alsace is one of the world’s most geologically diverse wine regions. 13 distinct soil types have been identified in Alsace and each imparts a distinct fingerprint on the flavor of the wines. The grapes for Domaine Sipp Mack Riesling grew in limestone soil, which imbues the wines with vibrant lemony flavors and snappy minerality. This is a dry Riesling but... Continue reading
Posted Jan 29, 2021 at Wine With Wanda
2021 has finally arrived, and it’s a new year like no other. Let’s face it; the world remains in turmoil, and people are suffering. I’m approaching this new chapter with cautious optimism, and I look forward to the day that we can hug, travel, and spend time together again. These long months of social distancing have not been easy, but time at home has also been a blessing. Time to read, relax, and just be still. Time to really think about my life and the people in it. Long phone chats and Zoom happy hours have strengthened my relationships with... Continue reading
Posted Jan 5, 2021 at Wine With Wanda
When exploring wines, José Rallo, CEO and Co-Owner of Donnafugata encourages everyone to "Discover Sicily. Trust Sicily. You'll be in Sicily with just a sip!" For the season finale of Wine With Wanda on Instagram Live, I wished for a vibrant, charming, and clever guest, who also makes beautiful wine. 5th generation vintner José Rallo was the obvious choice. CEO & co-owner of the award-winning Sicilian winery Donnafugata, José is a savvy businesswoman with the soul of an artist. When José is described as the face and voice of Donnafugata, they really mean it. A talented vocalist, José believes in... Continue reading
Posted Dec 10, 2020 at Wine With Wanda
Dynamic is an inadequate descriptor for 4th generation vintner Dr. Laura Catena, Managing Director of Bodega Catena Zapata in Mendoza, Argentina. Known across the globe as one of the most compelling champions of Argentine wines, Laura is also a graduate of Harvard University and Stanford Medical School. For many years, Laura balanced her demanding career as a physician with guiding her family's celebrated winery to greater heights. Bodega Catena Zapata's La Pirámide winery in Mendoza. image courtesy of Catena Zapata Malbec may seem ubiquitous now, but during our recent Instagram Live chat Laura shared the challenges she faced in the... Continue reading
Posted Dec 6, 2020 at Wine With Wanda
"Wine, just as a guitar, requires discipline and care, and above all a sensitive soul to interpret them.” Marcelo Pelleriti, winemaker, Bodega Monteviejo I suspected that my Instagram Live chat with Marcelo Pelleriti would be no ordinary virtual wine tasting, but I certainly didn't expect it to end with a live guitar and vocal performance. He's going to be a tough act to follow. I'm still smiling. A true renaissance man, Marcelo is not only one of Argentina's most celebrated winemakers, he's made a name for himself in France too. Marcelo makes wine in both countries, and his 2010 Château... Continue reading
Posted Nov 19, 2020 at Wine With Wanda
Jesús Artajona Serrano has been the winemaker at ENATE since it was founded in 1992. Traveling by trains, planes, and automobiles may be a risky proposition in this age of social distancing, but you can still explore the world through wine. I recently took a joyful journey to Somontano, Spain, with ENATE winemaker Jesús Artajona Serrano on Instagram Live. image courtesy of Bodega ENATE Somontano is located in northeastern Spain, south of the Pyrenees, on the natural border with France. I first visited Somontano in 2017 and have been there three times; I fell in love with the wines, the... Continue reading
Posted Nov 17, 2020 at Wine With Wanda
image courtesy of Gary Farrell Vineyards & Winery "I strongly believe in the Russian River Valley's capacity to consistently produce world class wines. The key is cool breezes and fog from the nearby Pacific Ocean blanket." -Theresa Heredia, Winemaker, Gary Farrell Vineyards & Winery When does a wine cross the threshold from being good to very good, or even great? I don't seek perfection in wines because I'm not certain it exists. And let's be honest, barring technical flaws that render a wine undrinkable, perfect wines, just like self-righteous people, can be a bit boring. For me, a wine goes... Continue reading
Posted Nov 16, 2020 at Wine With Wanda
Enrique Tirado, Winemaker, Don Melchor Cabernet Sauvignon image courtesy of Viña Don Melchor With so much turmoil in the world, I am grateful that I get to escape for a bit and travel virtually through wine. I don't take it for granted. I recently had the pleasure of tasting on Instagram Live with the esteemed and extremely talented Enrique Tirado, winemaker for Don Melchor Cabernet Sauvignon (Puente Alto Vineyard, Chile). When I met Enrique last year, the world was a very different place. Thank goodness for the elegant consistency of Don Melchor. First created in 1987, the second vintage of... Continue reading
Posted Nov 12, 2020 at Wine With Wanda
Daniel Pi, Chief Winemaker, Trapiche image courtesy of Trapiche Whenever someone asks what sparked my interest in wine and led me on my current path as a chronicler and enthusiastic student of fermented grapes, I confess that I struggle to offer a short and simple answer. Like many of us, a collection of past experiences shaped my current reality. But if I have to pinpoint one moment that gave me a firm push towards wine, it was meeting winemaker Daniel Pi of Trapiche in 2009. That fateful day marked the first time I sat with a winemaker and tasted wines... Continue reading
Posted Nov 2, 2020 at Wine With Wanda
image courtesy of Talbott Vineyards Even domestic travel is a dodgy venture these days, so I was thrilled to participate in a virtual wine journey to California’s Santa Lucia Highlands courtesy of Talbott Vineyards. Santa Lucia Highlands may not yet have the global name recognition of some other Golden State appellations, but it is home to some very impressive wineries, and Talbott is one of the most iconic. Located in California’s Central Coast in the east-facing terraces of the Santa Lucia mountain range and south of Monterey Bay, wine grapes were first planted in the Santa Lucia Highlands in the... Continue reading
Posted Oct 31, 2020 at Wine With Wanda
Amelie Derrieux-Sable, Director of Marketing, Champagne Henriot I’m still smiling after my sparkling Instagram Live conversation with Amelie Derrieux‑Sable​, Director of Marketing for Champagne Henriot. Known for their distinctive Chardonnay driven style, Champagne Henriot was founded in Reims in 1808 and is one of the few remaining family-owned houses in Champagne. Watch our chat and tasting by clicking the video above, on Instagram, or YouTube. We started off with their flagship Champagne Henriot Blanc de Blancs ($65). Aged for 4 years on the lees, it is an elegant expression of Chardonnay that sashays across the palate with delicate bubbles, crisp... Continue reading
Posted Oct 29, 2020 at Wine With Wanda
Carmenere grapes image courtesy Wines of Chile Carmenere’s dramatic back story always reminds me of a telenovela heroine that lived in the shadows until her true noble identity was revealed. Long mistaken for Merlot, Carmenere arrived in Chile in the 1800’s with other Bordeaux varieties. In 1867, that dastardly louse known as Phylloxera wiped out most of Bordeaux’s vineyards, including Carmenere. Meanwhile, Carmenere was secretly thriving in Chile. After years of obscurity, Carmenere was finally correctly identified in 1994, and the course of Chilean winemaking was forever changed. Now known throughout the world as Chile's signature wine, the quality of... Continue reading
Posted Oct 18, 2020 at Wine With Wanda
Isabel Galindo, winemaker for Las Moradas de San Martín My recent Instagram Live chat with Isabel Galindo, winemaker for Las Moradas de San Martín, inspired me to give her a nickname: La Reina de Garnacha (Queen of Garnacha.) Isabel makes Garnacha that sings in the glass. There's nothing generic about the wines of Las Moradas. Made from old-vine Garnacha, with some vines more than 100-years-old, the wines of Las Moradas tell a story of terroir and winemaking that respects nature. Located just one hour from Madrid, Las Moradas is an oasis that feels a world away from the hustle and... Continue reading
Posted Oct 14, 2020 at Wine With Wanda