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Having recently found out that I am 8 1/2 weeks pregnant with our first child, I've been trying to research as much as possible. Who knew there was so much information that was so little help out there? Thank goodness for common sense, as here on your blog. This has definitely helped out with filling our baby registry, so as to (hopefully) prevent the onslaught of unnecessary and unwanted "stuff" that everyone seems determined to convince me that we "need." (I can only imagine the looks on my in-laws' and families' faces when I remind them that we're going to be cloth diapering, and outlawing sippy cups, pacifiers, and excess 'toys' for our children.) Also, I'm glad to finally have a "reason" (big air-quotes there!) to buy products from LuSa! Thanks for committing to a family-safe product line for the rest of us to enjoy. :) Kate
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I love the photo of the milk carton "soldiers." Nice.
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What are your earliest food/kitchen memories? Probably 'helping' Mom with homemade pasta. I had to stand on a chair and catch the sheets as they came through the roller. I wasn't allowed near the feed entrance because I might stick my little fingers in the rollers. I'm also told that I was highly entertained as a toddler with wooden spoons and a circle of Mom's copper-bottomed pots. Did you help out in the kitchen when you were little? Or in the garden? 'Help out' is a strong word. I was curious, of course. I was the worst about pulling carrots too early and eating them with dirt still on them; we were lucky if we got any full-grown carrots by the end of the season. And I loved to pick peas and snap beans. I still like snapping beans; I hate silking corn. Do your kids (if you have them) help out in the kitchen now? How old/young are they and what do they do? I don't have any kids, but I do have a five-year-old half-sister. And no, she doesn't help out in the kitchen. My stepmother doesn't allow her to. Kate
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Jun 4, 2010