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T'was ever thus and goes with the whole drift of gardens and gardening in UK - our gardens generally look as if we got no taste so we get treated as if we have no taste. Have been often driven to making something myself for lack of anything better (and affordable). So we could claim it promotes creativity, which is one of those V Good Things. But really it makes me spit. XXXXXXX
It's the look of a weed infested arable field.. Flat with generous spreads of limited number of colourful plants. Hard to keep going over a long season but annuals do flower longer than perennials and people sell mixes with the weeds of arable fields in them. Wouldn't that be the nearest to your ideal? Have also seen beautiful grasses on road verges... Come to think of it - maybe someone sells 'motorway' mix?! XXXXXXX
In haste (so not thinking about planting but seed growing perennials is quite easy and encourages generosity in planting them - hopefully you'll get more than one of each!) - just wanted to say that I think you may still get a very robust black hosepipe from Two Wests and Elliott - worth the extra cash because looks good and will last for ever. XXXXX Anne
The virtue of black is that it is wonderful background to plants. Won't lighten your alley but what it does is 'disappear', so I don't believe will make it seem darker. Try it and see - it's only a coat of paint..(I know.... still means work...) Re organic matter - wonder if you're thinking you'd have to dig it in? A nice generous covering of something organic as mulch - bark, compost, wood chippings - (try local tree surgeon, they often want to get rid of stuff, if it can be delivered easily. I imagine that could be difficult if not bagged up though) will soon get incorporated and enrich/lighten the soil. Top up whenever possible but plant when you like. Don't worry about that old myth about nitrogen robbing. You can add a little nitrogen fertiliser if it happened. (Only don't tell anyone, of course. The horticultural community will collapse in shock horror if they hear of you using it...) But it probably won't. I have only had evidence of nitrogen deficiency once in 23 years of intensive mulching with fresh bark and chippings. Keeps weeds down too! XXXXXX
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O, yeah, black fence - sexy!!!
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2011 on Crowdsourcing my beds at Horticultural
Been thinking about this a lot and feeling I was unhelpful really. I would only put one plant (matching) in each of those planters. What was missing came before the issue of even cutting plant list - and it has been referred to in comments. It is - what effect are you wanting to create? And when in the year especially? You'd free up an awful lot if you unfashionably abandoned a season. Then you can start on plants. Jane - you have friends who would love your 'must move' plants. It's not a huge area to plant and garden designers on twitter could point you to good affordable local suppliers. Use only the plants you really really want and which fit your scheme and then you won't be disappointed or wonder why on earth you bothered with all that thought an effort. Ha'p'orth of tar? XXXXX
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O bother! So plant preoccupied forgot to say that I love the good, clean simple look in the picture. So very promising - should say more along similar lines but am on way to bed and zzzzzonked.
Toggle Commented Feb 21, 2011 on Crowdsourcing my beds at Horticultural
I'd love to help/encourage, but realise a list of plants leaves me a little bewildered. I think maybe because I start planting with a 'core' plant which I repeat and build around. Or just go with just one plant or two for a smallish space. See ! Not that you've overdone it (just couldn't resist the link! ) - I just can't see where the coherence is and I am probably totally out of order because I can never 'picture' things when I don't see the real space. Anyway, since I was leaning over your shoulder you'd have known I'd say all that...Sorry to hear the baby and you have had such a tough time. XXXXXXX
Toggle Commented Feb 21, 2011 on Crowdsourcing my beds at Horticultural
I wonder - in this series is it easier to comment freely when the picture is not identified with any named individual?
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