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I thought it was a bit disrespectful. We got an unannouced Chante Moore and less than 2 minutes of tribute for a singer who made quite a contribution to R&B music.
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Beautiful. I wish I had been that brave at his age and what a loving and supportive father...beautiful.
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My favorite Jill Scott moment was in 2001 at the House of Blues in West Hollywood. Jill's 1st album had been out less than a year yet almost everyone in the entire crowd sang along with her as she performed.I remember the woman next to me was amazed that I knew all the lyrics to "Is It The Way" including the breakfast. "Toast, two scrambled eggs and grits." One of the best times ever at a concert.
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@Sage. Your post is fine (and on point) the abuse was both sexual and physical.
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“I need some magic words while I’m alone I’m feeling like a saxophone” Rest in Peace Lady Tee
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Dec 27, 2010