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Priscilla Warren
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A giveaway! This is fun. David, I love your podcasts, but sometimes find it hard to catch the last word or two of some sentences. You drop your voice so low it is hard to hear. Would you consider posting a picture of yourself on the web page so we can picture you when we listen. It's a bit like listening to Radio 7 and trying to imagine what the actors look like. What can you tell us about Château Gaillard? I've visited Les Andelys several times and I'm always fascinated by it. Am I correct in understanding it was his favorite? OK, that should be enough questions for one day. Cheers
I find this information concerning Daniel of Beccles, most interesting, having lived in Suffolk at one time. We spend most market days over in Bury. I do miss it. I download your podcast onto my ipod and listen, as a treat, every Sunday evening. Thanks. I don't know if you would be interested, but here is an account of my time in Lavenham:
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Oct 9, 2011
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Oct 9, 2011