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I have a very close friend in his 50s who is starting to claim that he thinks he has autism, like it's a badge of honor. I try to tell him that quirky and nerdy does not equal autism. There is a spectrum here that is lost on most people. You have the high functioning autistic who learn differently, are many times brilliant, savant in some cases (like my son's good friend), and then you have 20 year olds still in diapers who smear their shit on the walls and self-harm. All are on the spectrum. I dare anyone to show me a person on this spectrum who has NOT been vaccinated with the full schedule, born after, say, 1994. I think you'd be hard-pressed. There is a link between vaccinations and autism, and for some reason it shows up after the MMR at around 18mos-2 years old. There is no denying this. Too many parents tell the same exact story. These are the facts. Autism shows in many different ways, but something triggers it. What is that something? These are the answers we want. Until then, you should be able to choose your own path to health, and that may or may not include vaccination.
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May 6, 2019