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Stephen you have it right its the end users that need educating. They don't understand the value of having a key word domain name. I bet if you went to a guy who sells car radios and you try to sell him for $5000 he would say no. Then you tell him there is thing called Google and people will type in car radio and you will get all this free business all over the world. The end user would probably say "I don't know my business is called car audio pros, I rather get I like that better." Mr. Rick I think your right it might be time to start development. End user don't get it and how hard would it have been for you to be the the Candy King? Little kid "Mom I want a candy king bar" :) Anybody else would have to advertise like crazy to open a candy company.
Hi Rick, I found this old pod cast with you on ozdomainer and you say that you were buying vanity 800 phone numbers. This is before the domain names existed everybody. So you were kinda already in the domain business before it started. So how did you get into the vanity phone numbers?
OK I bought 2 .co names One for my arcade and I am thinking I can use this as trade to get some tree's trimmed!
I didn't buy any .co names. I didn't want to pay 29.99 a year. Is that the yearly price their going to be forever? My thoughts too if I build a website on .co people will write it out as .com
Here is the most popular longest domain name in the world! thelongestlistofthelongest stuffatthelongestdomainname Alexa Traffic Rank: 67,320 15 words! 63 letters. So it is possible to make a website that makes money on a real Long domain name. It is so long I had to break it up to fit it in the box.
How about registering Long Tail IP Addresses? I registered the other day! Anybody think this has any value? :)
I think if your going to buy a long domain, it should end with .com I have a website for my own arcade business(I tried to get the .com version offered $500, though that was fair but the owner said no) and I always mess up and type .com just out of habit. The abbreviation for Nevada I don't like either because you are going to have to tell people your website and that Nevada is abbreviated.
Hi Rick is there a way to post something next to the posters so we know who is who? Maybe there IP or something.
Trolls and Griefers Trolls catch the attention of other users by posting obviously erroneous or inflammatory messages. Griefers disrupt an online community through psychological abuse and off-color postings. Tactics used by these individuals. Posting insults or profanity Posting slanderous or defamatory material Posting objectionable or inappropriate content, such as hate speech or disturbing images Habitually flaming other users(escalating arguments) Decreasing the signal to noise with off topic post Bullying other members They thrive on attention, attempting to stop a troll from abusing can start a vicious circle of increased abuse. The best strategy for making a troll go away is to ignore him. This is the dilemma, how do you prevent a determined creep from annoying users, without egging him on? A satisfied troll will always find a more cleaver way of annoying you. Trolls want attention onto themselves, without upsetting anyone to the point of taking real world action. I wouldn't mined that! "I've had it with you, you are going to be put on" ha-ha. Just wanted to let everybody know I bought on ebay for $3. So I turned it into a hate .mobi comment site! LOL Your free to leave comments about mobi on it.
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Jun 4, 2010