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Well flipping done you! What a great blog post.. I love that you have started blogging again, I am just about to do the same and hoping that I can keep it up. Life gets so busy, that is the problem.. Your dress looks amazing and reminds me that I have the Alabama C jacket (from the Craftsy course) partly made in my drawer, I do need to get on with. There are many of us out there with WIPs hidden like Squirrels with nuts so never feel alone. ;-)
Greetings from N.Z. Aotearoa, where in two weeks time we will light a brazier in the back garden and invite friends to celebrate the Autumn equinox - so must be the Spring equinox in your part of the world huh? Not long now.. The beauty of your work fills me with wonder, thank you for sharing it :-)
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So glad I found your blog. I am half way through making a Alabama Chanin Over the Sofa pincushion and thought I would check out and see who else has been making them - came across your 2011 effort, well done. I too am a maker although the making bug didn't strike me properly until I became ill with depression 8 years ago. Then I learnt crochet and was hooked! I think it helped me with the illness, in fact I am sure it did. Now I am learning hand sewing and I love it so much - I am going to do the Alabama Chanin course on Craftsy to make a jacket. I have gathered the supplies and will start proper this weekend. One thing I do have to watch is that like anything we do it can become a bit of an addiction - I try hard to occasionally watch a movie WITHOUT making something at the same time. Sometime I think we can get a bit scattered doing too many things at once and not concentrating properly - that's my thoughts anyway. Beautiful tunic by the way - where is the pattern from? You have done so well, it must be very satisfying. Remember - it's not a hobby, it's a post-apocalyptic life skill! ;-)
I have been lurking as well, for several years now, and have throughly enjoyed all your posts. I to went to Vic too but am living in the UK now. I hope you have a wonderful time on your new course - go well
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Jun 17, 2012