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The book that I both read and listened to this summer was “What the Wind Knows” by Amy Harmon. It’s set in America and Ireland and is a haunting tale that stayed with me for a long time. I love books that take me to a place where if I haven’t been but make me feel that I have. I also recommend “The Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Society” by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. It was my selection a few years ago, for my neighborhood book club, that’s been going on for fifteen years. Even though both books they are written in time of war, both are love stories. My go to meals in cold weather are soups. I make Chili Con Carne, Broccoli Cheese, Zuppa Toscana and Potato. I usually pair these soups with rolls, either sweet or savory, or some kind of tart, lemon is my favorite.
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Happy Belated Birthday Alicia. I love the little beds, the pillows, tiny quilts and the rug that the calico critters are playing in. My granddaughter love calico critters too. Must sew and crochet her some of these for her doll house. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm glad you're enjoying the unusual snow. It looks like a beautiful dream.
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Apr 23, 2010
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Apr 23, 2010
I agree, it is too pretty to cut into. It reminds me of a kitchen wallpaper from my childhood.
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Love it! Can't wait to get the info on the board.
W O W ! I am amazed that you are done and it looks like you've done this before. It's lovely. Congrats, Good Job!
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They are old fashioned and yet very modern. Just beautiful!
Love what you've done so far, the material is so pretty. Can't wait to see the next step.
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I'm working on four projects; a ripple (inspired by your beautiful ripple blanket - hope I finish it this time), a granny pillow, a hexie afghan and a bunch of layered roses, oh I forgot I'm also teaching two daughters how to crochet. I loved it - the weather - that we have to stay inside - everything, sorry but it will be HOT soon enough. Clover has it right, what a smart dog.
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My Dad always used cloth hankies. They were always so soft and perfectly pressed (he even pressed his blue jeans). Those were the days, my purse is filled with kleenex. Maybe I should take his hankies out, now that I have them and cross stitch his initial. Thanks for the info.
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Thank you for sharing the color of yarn, yarn used and hook size. Your Mom is so lucky to have this beautiful scarf.
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So soft and pretty. I love it.
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Love your teapot. I also love chai tea. I'm glad that your sponsored child and her family is safe. I'll pray that the aid that is being sent reaches them.
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This is adorable.
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Wow, I almost felt that I was there. It was very fairy tale like, Harry Potter too. Really magical. What a nice birthday gift. Thank you for sharing it with us.
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HaPpy BiRthDAy!!
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You have a talented family and the best part is you're so supported of each other.
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Posted Jan 5, 2010 at Memories Wishes and Dreams
Arden (your niece?) already knows what many people never learn. It is better to enjoy life while it's happening. Can't wait for your new book and your new felt ornaments for xmas. I'm still working on all of the past sets to give as presents next xmas. I still have my tree up. I always left it up until my Dad's birthday on January the 8th and though I lost my Dad last April I will still continue that tradition.
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Happy New Year! God Bless Everyone.
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Beautiful snow pics. I want a Clover Meadow. There is a corgi in our neighborhood, but I don't see many. Happy New Year to all the Paulsons. I'm looking forward to 2010 and all the great things in store.
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Merry Christmas from "We will have a White Christmas Colorado". Thank you for sharing your life with all of us.
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2009 on Wishing You at Posie Gets Cozy
I'm glad your feeling better. Thank you for all the links, they are all so sweet. The pie jars look similar to the squatty jelly jars I use to store old buttons, beads etc. They would be perfect for individual pies.
Toggle Commented Nov 21, 2009 on Seven Pictures of Cereal at Posie Gets Cozy
Thank you for all of the info on this beautiful scarf, but as fast as that scarf seems to be going . . . maybe you can make another, since you've finished all your Christmas shopping. I know, I would LOVE to be the person receiving it :)
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