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Nice. I see you are in home construction. I'm in the water filter business. Take a look at different types of filters at
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Nice breakdown of the expenses. Thanks!
This is much better than using water bottles - no plastic waste.
Good article. I prefer to use water filters for clean water instead of using water bottles - mainly because of the plastic water bottle waste. If you're interested, I have a list of water filter types at
Toggle Commented May 19, 2018 on Deep roots at Clean.
Very good article. I dislike bottled water. I've become a fan of using water filters to make clean water. It all started driving by a large plastic dump just outside of Athens, Greece. The mountains of plastic that weren't dissolving or breaking down discouraged plastic bottles for me. I think this is pretty similar to your comment about filth, disease and desolation.
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I hope the trip went well. Long plane rides with a hurt knee are not fun... I'm a big fan of using water filters to clean water instead of bottled water. Water filter types are at
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Water is always good on those hot days. I have a post about how to choose a water filter at
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May 18, 2018