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Agbormbai,Sir this not the time to start fantasizing about what our economy is going to look like.What you are struggling to do is just like writing love poems in a period of war.I thought you were above these petty wits by now.The time we have in our hands now is to wrest the country from the hands of an inconsequential dictator.You have been going forth and back with economic proposals here for the past 6 years,and everything has fallen on deaf ears,so stop pretending to be deaf also.We have to be saying the same thing now,if we want to have a country where economic reforms like the ones you are proposing can make a headway.We should encourage our people to come out for a "punitive vote",where they will carry out their civic duty and make it clear their voices "must" be heard this time around.People should stay put until their votes are counted.They should take the tally and use their mobile phones to send the figures to all other citizens in the country.We should be able to have a clear idea of the whole voting process during the first 24 hours.No need to wait for Elecam,where the boss,Marafat Hamidou Yaya,who is the brainchild behind this paper-tiger is sparing no effort to paint it as a piece of crap.