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Oh, I'd love to give this a go! We are in a house with a kitchen big enough for us all, and we spend so much of our time there. The baby boy I'm carrying now is bigger and has brothers and sisters to play with. Everyone's health problems are just vague memories, and we all breathe easily. Hubby has finally found his niche, and truly enjoys his work each day. And I am so grateful to be home with my babies. We spend lots of time in our veggie garden, or tending our strawberry patch, and plenty of time enjoying our animals as well - we share our home and land with as many rescued dogs and cats as we can. I love our life!!
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I love spring! Fall used to be my favorite season, but since I got interested in veggie gardening a couple of years ago I just enjoy watching everything come back to life so much. And... I won! YAY! Thank you so much for the contest and the DVD! :) MamaToto was the very first place I learned about babywearing and I am sooo excited to be getting the Tummy 2 Tummy DVD they helped create :)
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Thank you so much for putting this week together! I think I've already said that but I had to say it again. I love that there are so many options available... I am going right now and see if anyone knows of a babywearing group in my area!
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I saw Lisa's comment on success yesterday but I didn't realize she had been commenting all week. What a story! :) I just had the thought yesterday, what do you do if your baby doesn't want to be anywhere except in the sling and you need to take a shower?? Who knew someone already came up with the answer :)
I think I love reading the comments to these posts as much as I'm loving the posts! There are always great ideas and stories, plus it's great to see how many confident, successful babywearers there are :)
I think it's awesome that Kangaroo Korner has donated so many pouches!! I love that extra thoughtfulness because as a low-income mom to be myself I am so excited to try babywearing but definitely wondering about fitting it into the budget. I am glad they made it possible for so many other families :)
Thanks Rachel! Ring Slings have always looked so bulky and uncomfortable to me... but of course I've never worn one (any sling for that matter). I am really liking the stories and explanations of the different types of slings/carriers. Even though I've read tons of babywearing stuff getting ready for this LO's arrival, new perspectives and ideas are always great!
Just a question on how the comments for giveaways work - Do we post a comment each day for specifically that day's giveaways? Or one comment all week entered for all? Just checking :)
I am so excited to find this babywearing celebration! I am pregnant with my first and I can't wait to become a pro at wearing this little one when s/he gets here in August. My hubby even saw the picture of the smiling daddy with the baby in the red wrap and said he could see himself wearing the baby like that! :)
I have been following Jessica's blogs and reading about cloth diapering for probably 3 or 4 years now, just waiting for the day I'd have a reason to try them out... and it's here! Our first is due in August and I am so excited to try cloth! :)
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