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!!!!! Stop being a DICK at Starbuckes !!!!! Remember what being an American is really about! I don't smoke but even if I did here is the point in fact. Unless you live in a city that has an actual ordinance (Law) banning smoking outside, people can smoke outside. In regards to public places. As long as by law a person is at least 15 feet away from the public entrance of a business.(In most cases, some cities have different distance restrictions) Starbucks can not(even though they'd like you to think that they can)just make up there own law regarding smoking outdoors. I here all these comments by nonsmokers saying that smokers should get over it. No you get over it. If you don't like being around smokers or you are just bothered seeing someone smoking, even if there 20 or 30 feet away from you, then you have the freedom to remove yourself from the area. You can go sit inside were it is actually not legal to smoke or just position yourself accordingly so it wont effect you. Don't be a dick and try to impose your views or try to take someone Else's Freedoms, Rights and Liberties away from them. That is not what America stands for. So until it actually becomes a real law on the books. Smokers have the right to freely enjoy a cup of coffee and a cigarette out doors in an open space. If there is no actual city ordinance prohibiting them to do so. You can not and you will not take peoples Rights, Freedoms and Liberties away from them. And neither can Starbucks. So stop being dicks and move yourself to the inside were it's legally a smoke free environment and stop whining and complaining about smokers in the open outside area. If you want to sit outside too, go right ahead. After all no one can tell you that this area is for smokers only so you have to leave. Stop your whining and be an American who stands for everyone’s Rights, Freedoms and Liberties. Again nonsmokers have the freedom to remove them selves from any place they may feel is uncomfortable for them.
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May 6, 2011