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@ starskeptic - "Jeez-its" just about cost me a monitor. Damn. Re "crazy" in this context, it strikes me that only the hypersensitive will be willing to go through the contortions required to link the word back to their own states of mind. I've got issues of my own as well, and frankly don't object to "crazy", nor "nuts", "looney", or "batshit fucking insane" regardless of when, where, how, or to whom those terms are applied. Part of not being crazy is having enough balance in your world view to realize that not everything is about you. Believing otherwise is … ahh, you know. Re the Mormons - I was one for a while. Converted at 12, dropped it at 19. Calling it a childish whim would be just about accurate. And yes, you are are expected to believe all the batshit fucking insane crap they tell you. Including the stories about how the magic underwear saved people from burning in fires, getting shot, etc., and how Joseph Smith used magic goggles to translate plates of solid gold which he dug up from a hill in New York, but couldn't show to anyone or else Moroni would get mad and take the plates away. That's almost as nuts as 72 virgins, or a god with an elephant's head.
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On the plus side, we are now guaranteed the right to picket Phelps's funeral, when the old sack of shit finally dies.
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Wow, I'm sorry to hear that.
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Dec 29, 2010