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Pentax K-30 & K-50(pictured). I've been shooting with the former for 4 years now. I upgraded from a Pentax *ist DL - a 1st gen 6mp DSLR. I've done ski resort photography, sportscar races, nightlife, astrophotography, you name it, these little DSLRs are troopers. Before these I shot with a D70 & Sony F828, but I only love the Pentax cameras - The ergonomics, the build quality, the surprising capabilities (google "Astrotracer"). They do have their quirks... AF isn't the greatest and someday the aperture linkage on the camera will fail (Except for the very newest lenses, Pentax lenses still rely on the body to manually close the aperture). But mostly, these cameras are workhorses. And I can use my Great Grandfather's 50+ year old Super Takumar lenses on them, which is brilliant.
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Feb 20, 2017