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Catriona! Where have you been hiding. We miss you 😘
LOL. Going to post a link to the FUMP Facebook page.
FIGJAM, I’m not a Liberal, I’m what you’d call a raving Libertarian. “The best government is the least government, and the least government is no government at all.” If I had my choice Lukashenko, Putin, Trump, Trudeau, Erdogan etc. would all be on the unemployment line, and there’d be no borders. Not a single one. Of the five leaders I mentioned, Trudeau is the best, but that’s rather like saying getting Swine Influenza is better than eating Arsenic. The Americans had that sort of election the last time. Clinton for all her faults is a competent manager. Trump is an incompetent manager. A competent manager can do more damage than an incompetent one, but the incompetent one is way more noticeable because he screws up everyday in every way. I know my dream won’t be realized, but I fight for it just the same. I’m a stubborn old bastard.
FIGJAM leaves out some interesting stuff. Belarus is 124th in the world in election integrity. Most countries in Africa are better than that. That’s the image. If you want to read the entire report, it is here: The Excited States is 47th. Those dying European countries Sweden and the Netherlands are 4th and 8th respectively. Canada, my country, where Donald trump tried to bounce the beautiful and talented Jenna Tackalova from one of his pageants is 18th. Wonder why he didn’t mention that?
Take a look at this, those of us less than impressed with Trump will love the cartoon.
Per, It is possible. But not probable. 1) Trump’s trade war fallout will continue to get worse unless he kills the tariffs 2) Mueller has a lot of information we don’t have, and if there was nothing to investigate he would have filed his report and shut the investigation down. 3) The Religious Right has become so toxic that they are driving a variety of demographics which used to be evenly split between parties to the Democrats. 4) Trump keeps acting like a third world dictator. 5) Trump keeps saying the stupidest things. Now it is possible that the Russians own the voting systems, but if they don’t we will see a swing to the Democrats. I have no idea how much of a swing, we will see that on Election Day. I’m one of the demographics that would have at one time voted Republican if I lived in the USA. I’ve meet a number of what we’re big name Republican politicians through my job, and was favorably impressed. But the Religious Right is anathema to folks like me. I’m a bisexual man, in a polyamorous relationship. A lot of the folks I know are Poly, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgender, and the only good Religious Right leader is a dead Religious Right leader. If they are dead they can’t hurt my friends.
FIGJAM and RickO are hilarious. Keep the. Around Tomi, we need them for the comedy. Raving Trumpists are so much fun! As to Mueller’s timetable: I’m assuming that Mueller isn’t going to arrest Trump. There are a variety of arguments as to whether of not a sitting president can be indicted. Mueller won’t want to get involved with this. Instead he’d file a report with Rosenstein l who would then share it with Congress. They’d leave Congress with the job of taking action. Congress being Congress the report would leak of course. When he files the report I have no idea. I suspect that the investigation is ongoing. While Mueller won’t charge Trump directly because of the political angle, he can, and will start laying charges against more of the other people involved. I have no idea who, but I’m sure Mueller has a plan of who will be indicted. Roger Stone looks good for it. Mueller is a rule of law type of guy and a patriot. I suspect that he intends to bring down everyone involved as quickly as he can, but only after he is sure that he has them dead to rights. Part of his aim will be to get more of them to enter plea deals. Having someone roll over on Ivanka et al would be perfect from his point of view. Then he can pressure them to roll over on Big Boss Trump. Think of it as a game of four dimensional chess, with Trump and his gang thinking in two dimensions. Meantime, popcorn sales hit an epic high...
RickO To paraphrase that immortal sage Bugs Bunny, you are a Gull-I-Bull.
BennyDover Why do you think they arrested Maria Buttina? It wasn’t just because she’s sexy, and Republicans lose their minds over sexy women.
Figjam, Heh. I have a lot of accounts. My dogs, my Siamese cat, my Cthulhu Mythos satire account... Yeah. But the only one that serious stuff gets posted by is this one. The dog and cat accounts are for pet pictures, and my Cthulhu satire account mostly exists to make war on the Daleks on Twitter. Yes, I get banned. Mostly for calling Conservatives what they are — Special Snowflakes. They can give it out, but the dumb fucks can’t take it. I’ve always wanted to tour Eastern Europe. A Polish guy I know went through Belarus about ten years back. Looks like a nice place.
Winter, ROFLMAO. You called it. When an American calls someone a Communist they are totally nutzoid. Had one call Justin Trudeau a Communist. Damned near fell out of my chair laughing. Proved he was a Special Snowflake that very second.
FIGJAM old pal! Where have you been? Now I’m going to get nasty. What facts did Tomi mistate or lie about? Come on, you can say it. I’ll even ask Tomi to be nice to you. He knows that I’m using my real Twitter account to post, he knows mine and my wife’s email addresses, he knows my Facebook address, and if he wants he can get my mobile number in seconds. So he knows there is a real person on this account. We aren’t so sure about your account...
Winter, I’ve heard a lot of folks speculate about Trump’s mental capacity and language skills. So far on that front what we have is conjecture. It is quite possible he is declining cognitively, he is getting old, and that is one of the problems us older folks face. But we don’t know for certain. It is the same with claims he is a sociopathic narcissist. I know a fair bit about sociopathy from the inside — I test out as borderline myself. Trump doesn’t act like a sociopath from my knowledge. He could quite easily be a narcissist, but there is a simpler explanation. Donald Trump’s family were members of the church pastored by Norman Vincent Peale who wrote The Power of Positive Thinking, I read the book a long time ago, and it was all about wishful thinking. Trump appears to engage in wishful thinking all of the time, so he may have internalized Peale’s teachings. If he did, he would appear to be a narcissist because Peale’s system seems to teach narcissism. None of that really matters. Mueller has a lot of evidence that hasn’t been made public yet, and since neither Trump, nor any of his people are trained spies with gear to help them avoid leaving paper and electronic tracks, just about everything they’ve done will be in Mueller’s possession.
Now, as to the comments Nickle is the correct spelling in Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and New Zealand. Americans can’t handle complex spelling so they changed it. Damned rebels. Trump isn’t insane by medical standards. That doesn’t mean he isn’t delusional, many of us are. Hillary won’t run again. She knows how grueling being president is, and she’s now four years older. Good to see you MAGA! Glad to see proof of my point about most of us being delusional appeared in a comment. One last thought — while Trump is president and the executive authority in the USA, the other Five Eyes partners know exactly what is going on (they share sigint). Two of the others are NATO members which means several of the NATO allies are in the loop. Some of the intel on Putin’s actions is known to have come from France and Germany, and others may have also helped, which means portions of the EU are also informed. So when news that Queen Elizabeth may have trolled Trump hit Twitter I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my chair.
I knew that Trump was either a Russian asset or a dupe when he fired Comey, and said on TV that it was to “get rid of this Russia thing”. Trump’s preacher when he was a kid was Norman Vincent Peale, author of “The Power of Positive Thinking” a book that is all about how if you wish for things to be true and act like they are true, they will be true. That’s consistent with Trump’s actions that I’ve heard of since before he became 45. When Trump is ousted, Pence will be too. Pence is damaged goods now. So is Ryan, who is also up to his ears in NRA money. That leaves Orrin Hatch, the Senate Pro Tem who appears to be a patriot. At least if it happens before the election. There are rumours that Hatch has been getting Presidential level Intel briefings for the last year. I can’t see Mueller waiting till after the mid-terms. While the Justice Department can’t meddle in politics, they can and do act on criminal cases, which this is,
As I said, the world doesn’t revolve around innovation. Consider the Motorola phone dock. It flopped. Why doesn’t matter, but it was far more innovative than making camera software better, or adding a larger camera sensor, or shrinking the bezel. What matter is how well the user experience works. Take Symbian as an example. It had an especially cluttered and complex user interface. So did Palm. So did the early versions of Windows for phones. Is the phone comfortable to use? Are the keys big enough for texting? Are the pictures nice? And so on. Which is why I personally don’t see any major innovations coming until they get a phone/brain interface working. Then you’ll see some innovation!
Folks, Innovation doesn’t really matter. It’s a side issue to what really matters. The benefits the User experiences. If the user doesn’t experience a system (hardware and software combined) that fills their needs, the device (car, mobile, etc.) then the device is a failure. No device is perfect, not even the Jesus Phone, so all are failures. But some are less failures than others. Put two cameras on a phone? Unless the User benefits, who cares. Put in faster chips? Unless the User benefits, who cares. The world doesn’t revolve around Innovation, it revolves around what benefits the User experiences, and how valuable those are to the User.
Ah, yes, Trump’s Tariffs. Man is the USA going to get hurt by this.
The biggest push for AR currently seems to be the porn industry. I wrote a short story, a Science Fiction/Mystery cross about 30-35 years ago which involved using AR for sex. Personally I don’t see any big use cases that will arise until we can move to implanted computers, but I may be overly pessimistic.
@OrdinaryBoy Loses in the first few years of bringing out a new product line are normal. Nokia is effectively new, even if it is a revival of a Finnish engineered mobile. @Benny Incorrect. Samsung has the ability to design their own OS. So does Sony, and probably some of the others do too. It isn’t that hard if you use either the BSD or Linux kernels. @PWE We will see how the OpenGL and OpenCL depreciation works out. Based on Apple’s prior good choices when it came to making money, I suspect the impact won’t be as negative as you think. I never use my Mac for gaming, I have an iPad for that. Gotta love Fortnite! @Jim MediaTek may be making basic ARM chips, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have plans. Apple started with basic chips, and look where they are today. @Everyone I know you all have views on whether Android or Apple is best. Fine. The problem is every comment string devolves into the same argument over and over again. There isn’t much meat to the comments, and I’m a carnivore. OrdinaryBoy is the only one who posted ANYTHING useful in the last week. His link to Bloomberg was great. The Android/Apple will die stuff is total bullshit. Neither will die. And you’ll probably be arguing the same stuff ten years from now...
PWE You are incorrect on Linux. Microsoft pushes OEMs to only install Windows on new computers. Go read the Microsoft emails that were uncovered in one court case. You can find them at