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It's about removing barriers; both physical, and mental. While it is important that adopted pets get good food and proper vet care, it really is more important that they have a loving home. I adopted a four and a half month old kitten who had been under vet care for three weeks; and he wasn't thriving. In just three days in a loving home, he'd made healthful strides. The important thing is getting them a good home. Everything else, like the fee, is negotiable, isn't it?
I felt it was a conflict: they are selling purebreds. Even though hybrid vigor is a better deal for a lot of families. By that I mean getting a dog who is bred to chase after carriages all day, or guard the moat; is way too much dog for the average family. But it's a fantastic point I hadn't realized before, because I'm fortunate to live in an area with enlightened shelters. But the other kind is very unappealing; and people do not have the confidence, and the ability, to choose a dog who is right for them; and a bad shelter is not going to help them make that choice.
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Feb 16, 2012