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The only true location of Zero.
I am an Agent of both Heaven and Earth
Interests: nothing,everything
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Please remember that this wonderful compilation would not be possible without Mark Paseo and his tireless research into the occult. I encourage you to support this man whenever possible. Download Aleister Crowley - Book Of Lies Download Aleister Crowley - Book Of The Law Download Aleister Crowley - Enochian World... Continue reading
Posted Mar 6, 2013 at Way of Zero
Download Aleister Crowley Continue reading
Posted Mar 6, 2013 at Way of Zero
The fly and the spider stuck in the bird's nest... Continue reading
Posted Sep 12, 2012 at Way of Zero
a certain woman with high level security data is selling information: she is dying. because the united states government refuses to acknowledge that she has anything of value to contribute, thus forcing her to die the poverty death. if you know anyone who can pay to purchase the information how... Continue reading
Posted May 31, 2012 at Way of Zero
She is a friend of mine and there are those who wish to remove her voice. I want to give it back... Continue reading
Posted Mar 21, 2012 at Way of Zero
This post recently caught my attention: "I've done some research on who may have made this video. The video was uploaded by some calling themselves rednaxelaking. They may also be using the codenames: Alexander or WayofZero. This may not be the first time that this person, or group has... Continue reading
Posted Mar 7, 2012 at Way of Zero
I forgot to mention: You have to right-click then save that way, otherwise your browser will attempt to open it, which will either greatly slow down or crash your computer. My apologies if that has happened to you. Download A Little Surprise Continue reading
Posted Feb 27, 2012 at Way of Zero
Benny Boo, my friend of friends, how is life as a plant?? Does it keep ya warm at night to have yen to burn and sake to drink? And all on Enterprise payroll, you lucky dog! "Multiple CIA sources" confirm that you've been partying way too hard, Benny Boo. Now now, did you ever thank the other websites for all of the great material back in 2007, or did the Company give you one too many memory wipes? Their work is the product of much sacrifice and hardship... true heroism, could you ever conceive of such a thing? That's okay... of course, it was their dream to have their material pilfered by mediocre journalists! I'm sure that David Guyatt received every bit of his due (snarky laugh). No no no, a few bouts of "copy and paste" will suffice, won't it? I'm also quite sure that the view must be utterly fantastic when standing atop the shoulders of giants, Ben. Please do remember that SOME of us have longer memories than others. Keenan and Scott seem to experience "selective amnesia" far too often. When they're not dragging down the credibility of their cohorts like a fat man in a hot air balloon, they enjoy a few backroom deals like any other shining examples of humanity we are so privileged to endure today. Luckily for them, the Company's friends overseas never forget their friends and are quite happy to grease the wheels... just as long as they don't conduct business on one of the "high holidays". Your friends should count your blessings that Dr. Dam has kept his mouth shut for so long, and I'm not counting his time spent hooked to a respirator. Please do reconsider your position, Ben. You know I like ya because you seem like a sweet boy. It's no fun to be caught rearranging the deck chairs of a global financial Titanic...
According to information given to an author by the name of Gregory Douglas by Heinrich Mueller, Hitler settled in Costa Rica after the war. He had no dealings with the US government, including Operation Paperclip, but the various intelligence agencies were aware of his relocation. He apparently died in the 1970's. This information was allegedly confirmed by Robert Crowley, the former director of the CIA. Feel free to verify this information on your own time. Be well.
Toggle Commented Dec 29, 2011 on Hitlers surviving at BenjaminFulford 
Hello again, and again and again... it's been too long, and I am WAY behind in hellos. Great call on the Greek haircut, Benny Boy! Oh and the recent referendum... talk about throwing salt on the wound. Ouccchhhhhhhh. I see that they have adopted the Icelandic policy toward creditors: extend them a big fat middle finger and lick the wounds. It is nice to know that you and Alex are on good terms again. The strongest of friendships is forged in the heaviest of infernos. Even though I no longer have contact with the group, I still wish all of them the best of circumstances. Now that the pleasantries are done with, I will impart a bit of sagely wisdom for your benefit. Take an extra-hard look at Keenan, Scott, and Wanta. I want you to observe their modes of operation and facilitation of global financial transfers. If any of these details have left you with an itch that you can't seem to scratch, then I might suggest that the source of the itch is external, and you are only doing damage to your own skin. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your time and attention. I missed you like the deserts missed the rain......................
I offer a collection of information which is informally known as "The Ark of Knowledge"... Continue reading
Posted Jul 14, 2011 at Way of Zero
A very interesting narrative Ben, and quite astute. I agree with your assumptions about "Reptilians". For the rest of you, they are probably not what you think. Here's their organizational structure, based on my current understanding. You must understand that they are disseminated by their percentage of "Reptilian" blood (referred to as "blue blood"): 1. Humans are at the bottom, as they possess the least percentage of blue blood. They serve the "Hybrids" (Rothschild, Rockefeller, the usual scumbags that give us a headache on a daily basis). 2. You could consider the "Hybrids" middle management. They are approximately 30-50% blue blood. They are in service to the "Nephelim". It is their hope to that they are allowed to interbreed with the Nephelim as part of an illicit social contract. 3. The "Nephelim", or "Giants", could be considered about 75-90% blue blood. Consider them upper management. You can also consider them the supreme shadow commanders of our planet's military structure. They serve only the "Draconians". 4. "Draconians" are considered the true planetary elite in this hierarchy. 100% blue blood, practically no exceptions. Did you really think getting rid of a few bankers would solve our problems? You have no f***ing idea what these things can do... 5. Pinnacle of the Draco??? Be very afraid. Yeah, you could consider the above bull****, and I would find it difficult to argue. I will expand upon this as more information becomes available, so don't think that this supposed hierarchy is set in stone. ps. Jason (Thunderbeing), good to hear from you lad!!! And...ROCKEFELLER?! Really??? Ha ha ha, please... even I have standards, you know. In any event, I have been in contact with a former member of your group lately. She has been very helpful in exposing a menace known as "Koala" (not to be confused with K.O.A.L.A.). If the other members of Thunderbeing are as dedicated, then I am quite glad to know that you are out there keeping watch.
Nothing special here today... Good luck with the new group Ben (not WDF). Don't worry, I won't be involved. I'm perfectly happy to bother you here exclusively ;) I just heard today (7/3) that TEPCO is being dissolved, for the most part anyway. The company's holdings are planned to be reduced from the original 7 trillion yen (~19.85 billion USD) down to 1.6 trillion (~4.5 billion USD). It certainly seems to be a promising sign. ps. Did Richard S leave the world for a set of codes??
Hello, fellow seekers of Light! Oh, it's been far too long... Where, o where would do I begin?? Benny Benny Boy, how the hell are ya?! It looks like this party died down... this room emptied out like if a fat man blew a meat fart into a ceiling fan, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! C'mon, have a laugh or two! You get to be alive, which means you get to FEEL, otherwise all you have is the dull, gray limbo in between. That sh*t is no fun for anybody.... I would take an extra hard look at Magna BSP, who performed security functions for the Fukushima plants. Honorable mention goes to ICTS-International for doing such a GOOD JOB of securing the airports on 911! Isn't it just the dickens how Israeli "security" just keeps dropping the ball like this? No wonder Russia wanted to clear the Bolsheviks out so badly! There used to be a lot of those Khazarian f*cks running around, but they will be exterminated very soon. They are UNFIT to breathe our air after all. And don't be surprised if the Mossad "fell" into a meat grinder... dogs need to eat after all! They love Kosher beef!!! And this special dedication goes out to you, Benny Boy: ****HI PRIEST. It seems that he didn't go completely dark from last year. I've seen what he has to offer us as well... "forbidden" indeed!!! ps. Benny... just who does JW work for anyway???
Posted Jun 16, 2011 at Way of Zero
Here's another fresh pile of parasitic shit that continues to give everyone a hard time... Continue reading
Posted Jun 10, 2011 at Way of Zero
Were I not banned from commenting on Ben's blog, here is the content of the comment... Continue reading
Posted Jun 1, 2011 at Way of Zero
...calibrate your moral compass before reading this... Continue reading
Posted Jun 1, 2011 at Way of Zero