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I recently quit Bloackbuster after working there for a little over a year, which was during the peak of pushing their online service, and one of the best coupon deals they had was on their 2 Liter Coke products for .99 People used those coupons like crazy. During an 8 hour shift the 2-3 of us working would easily get 50 .99 Coke coupons. After the promotion was over the customers even complained that they havn't gotten any of those Coke coupons in awhile and were fairly upset when we told them the promotion was over. So I agree that the whole Netflix coupon thing would totally benefeit both parties. By the way Blockbuster clearly has the upper hand on the overall quality of their online service, they offer free in store returns (where the customers practically abuse), offer free coupons, they get access to Blockbuster exclusive title, and they even get boosted deals like getting 3 for $20 previously viewed DVD's instead of the normal 2 for $20 deal that non-members get. I do not subscribe to Blockbusters service mainly because of the sheer abuse they put on their employees to push the service, we would serously get calls from upper management and screamed at to sell more onlines more then 5 times a day. Netflix seems to be working great and I have yet to experience throttled shipments, but they need to seriously up their game in order to maintain hold on the online renting market. Bill