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Fellow Southern Cameroonians we will not allow Hamas/Fatah law to oprate in our territory.If we think we are strong enough to fight,let us use the energy we've got to throw the occupier "La Republique du Cameroun" out of our territory.It is insane that in 2007,a village in Southern Cameroons should take the law into their own hands and attack another no matter what cause they might have.Sunnis and Shias in Iraq have only used their strength to fight each other and not the Americans.Who profits in the battle between Bali and Bawock?Let Fon Gayongha think over again the statement that his people were provoked.Is that the way to settle problems among brothers?I don't think so.Our strength should be reserved to fight our enemies.He should give us all those 500+ youths who are so war hungry so they can help us liberate our territory.Enough is enough!!!