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Amy Wazwaz
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Wow, I am so disappointed that LYB didn't participate in a make-n-take booth this year at Archivers Scrapfest 2012. What a cute new set for school projects! Everyone has been talkin about LYB having no booth! Scrapfest is totally going downhill. Even worse to see your favorite companies teaching a class to only a few people at Scrapfest and not letting everyone experience their new products. Only so many can get into a certain class. It feels like you have been cheated or that one small group of people who got into the class are being favored with the chance to see new paper line vs everyone getting to have the chance to create, see the newest designs first hand, even more fun, talking to the designers there interacting with the scrapfest patrons. Meeting the people behind your favorite paper line really makes it so much more personal! Even if it is just a few Minutes while making a make-n-take. Last year at Scrapfest I didn't get to make any of their projects because they ran out of their supplies each day. I was so hoping to get a chance to make something this year. In the past years LYB projects have been some of the nicest. The Fall project pkg with couple papers and stickers inside ( it was given out couple yrs ago) it was amazing! I made several two page layouts from it. I used every last piece of it. The paper were of such great quality! That paper really secured LYB as a top notch brand. Last year left a bad taste in many peoples mouths when they weren't able to do a project because they ran out, and now no chance this year!
Sorry forgot to tell you I am fiskateer too,#7065.
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Dec 26, 2010
Hi, it has beefunreading your blog. But i must admit it kind of feels like secretly reading someones diary. Although logically I know that you mean for proper to write it. Weird huh? Well anyways, I don't know too much about Fibro, but I read some information recently, that I thought I might share with you, sorry if you already know it. What it was, was that I seen that some doctors believe that aspartame may have something to do with fibro. Some research has shown that aspartame affects nerves, well, I guess more than aspartame breaks down into formaldehyde, and that damages your body, because it doesn't get washed out of your body. I don't know if you drink diet pop a lot, but I was very surprised to find that aspartame is in many other foods, like yogurt, gum, lots of foods that you wouldn't suspect. I suppose to someone living with a lot of pain, it might be worth while to investigate the possibility some how?
Ooh, your right what amazing prizes. My guess is Imaginisce and Bo Bunny, they both love pink too! For tomorrows giveaway that is will be checking back!!!
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Dec 9, 2010